The nominations task has altered the equations in the house yet again, as Shilpa Shinde and Sapna Choudhary get into a massive fight. Sapna and Bandgi Kalra also got into a heated argument over supporting each other in the task. Hina Khan was cornered by a trio formed by Hiten Tejwani, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. She picks up fight with Shilpa and Vikas. Sapna and Hina manage to save Priyank Sharma.

Bandgi, as a captain, gets special powers to save one housemate from nomination, and she saves Puneesh Sharma.

11:21pm: Priyank gets miffed again
Priyank gets extremely angry at Arshi and calls her out. He tells the housemates that Arshi is on to doing what she has done in the first episode.

11:19:pm: Arshi loses her cool
Hina again throws spotlight on Arshi’s character and says that which mother-in-law or sister-in-law spank other male members of the house. After maintaining her cool, Arshi loses her cool and starts ranting against the opposite team members.

11:17pm: It’s Akash vs Shilpa now
Shilpa comes in the witness box. She cooks up a story that these kids are not hers and tell her sob story to the courtroom. Sapna doesn’t buy Vikas’ arguments and says that Silpa doesn’t understand Akash at all, to which Bandgi jumps in offering clarifications that Shilpa has time and againtried talking to Akash to bridge gaps.

11:14pm: Akash and his tantrums

The Arshi’s family members talk about Akash and accuse that he had made life very difficult for Arshi and Shilpa

11:12pm: Vikas accuses Akash
Vikas accuses Akash Dadlani of misbeahviour with his ‘sister’ and ‘mother’. The judges ask Vikas to prove allegations on Akash. Hiten accept that Shilpa and Arshi don not share a cordial relationship with Akash. They discuss the recent episode in which Akash acts mad and hyper.

11:10pm: “I have never flirted with Priyank in the show,” Arshi says
Arshi alaged that Priyank slept at bed next to her so they could talk in the night. She also claimed that Priyank has also invited her to eat togetehr many a times. “I have never flirted with Priyank in the show,” Arshi says.

11:09pm: Shilpa and Arshi fight
Shilpa comes in in the bedroom area and talk to Arshi. She said that she know what Arshi has done and also claims that she knows what Arshi has done.

11:07pm: Shilpa wishes to go to witness box
Shilpa urges Vikas to invite her in the witness box so that she can make the situation lighter and yet make a point. Arshi says that this will make things go against her. Arshi walks about and says that her family members aren’t letting her put forth her points.

11:06pm: Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed
The session ends and the housemates gather. Bandgi asks Priyank what made him to irate. “Arshi had been lieing and this made me so angry. She said that in front of me,” he maintained. Hiten tells his team that by hook or by crook they will have to devise plans to win the task

11:05pm: Priyank’s fault too
The judges observe that it is not just Arshi;s fault. Priyank is to be blamed equally as he should have behaved accordingly and should have avoided Arshi;s advances, if any.

11:03pm: ‘Low mentality’
Hina attacks Vikas and says that every male member of Arshi;s family is of low mentality. Vikas retorts that they aren;t of regressive ideology as theirs. Shilpa calls the other family members of low mentality.

11:02pm: Hina has regressive thoughts
Hina says that Arshi doesn’t live alone with her husbands. She recalls the swimming pool incident, where Arshi enters without Hiten. Hina says that Arshi entered without his permission or company. Vikas calls Hina of regressive thoughts.

11:00pm: Bandgi asks Priyank to calm down
Bandgi asks Priyank to calm down and step out of witness box. Arshi claimed that Priyank is lieing through his teeth. Hiten’s team maintained that they didn’t want to bring in dressing sense issue.

10:52pm: Priyank yells
Priyank starts yelling while he is in the witness box and testifies that he was present when Arshi said that she wants to tear off her clothes. The housemates get into heated arguments as they fight for their family member in the game

10:51: Arshi alleged that Hiten never took any stand for him
Vikas says that Arshi does whatever she wants in her house and with her wish and that no one should question her freedom. Hina brings in more argument., She questions, “Didn’t your suster hig you and say that she needs a man?” to which Vikas retorts that the man she has in life doesn’t take any stand for him and thus, she’s seeking a divorce.

10:49pm: Hina and Vikas play it well
Hina and Vikas are totally in the game as they take their job as a lawyer a tad bit too seriously, They are crissing over each other’s statements. Sapna interferes and asks people to maintain peace. Hina also attacks Arshi’s family for bringing in Arshi’s character under question.

10:47pm: Vikas attacks Priyank
Vikas attacks Priyank for saying derogatory things about Arshi’s dressing sense. Priyank chips in saying that he brought in ‘ang-pradarshan jibe’ for himself. But he also alleged that Arshi works out in a provocative manner.

10:45pm: Priyank talks about ‘ang-pradarshan’
Priyank is called out in the witness box. He starts raising questions on Arshi’s demeanour. He says that Arshi’s dressing sense is not appropriate. He also alleged that once when he was working out Arshi passed questionable comments that made him uncomfortable.

10:43pm: Hina calls out Arshi’s flirtatious behaviour
Vikas opens statement. He starts his argument by alleging misbehaviour by Hiten’s brothers. Hina starts argument and alleges that Arshi flirts around with everyone. Sapna asks Hina to explain.

10:41pm: Team decides strategies
Luv, Puneesh and Akash decide to raise doubts on Arshi’s character. Arshi seems to be happy in being Hiten’s wife. She teases him around the house. Vikas takes his team and cook up stories to present their case in the court. Hina brings up the work-out allegations.

10:40pm: HIten’s family.
Luv, Akash, Priyank and Hina will play Hiten’s siblings. She would also represent Hiten in the court. Sapna and Bandgi would play the judge in the game and they would

10:39pm: Arshi;s family
Puneesh and Vikas play Arshi’s brothers. Vikas would also be the lawyer. Shilpa would be Arshi’s mother in the game.

10:37pm: Bigg Boss ki Adalat
Vikas Gupta reads out the instructions for the luxury budget task. He will tell the housemates that the house would be divided into two families

10:36pm: Don’t scold me, says Puneesh
Bandgi questions Puneesh on why he said these things about Sapna to Hina. She says that he should be careful with what he says. Puneesh gets miffed with her and asks her to not scold him. ON the other side, Shilpa Shinde asks Sapna to not react much.

10:35: Sapna gets angry at PUneesh’s comments
Sapna says that people like PUneesh are of low-grade mentality. She says that I would make him sit with her and

10:33pm: Massy and classy
Priyank and Hina talk about their work. Hina tells him about what Puneesh Sharma said about Sapna’s event. Puneesh as Hina says told him that one can’t attend Sapna’s show as the crowd is not decent. “Your events are classy, Sapna’s are mass,” he said. Sapna listens to this and says that ‘”Puneesh jaise kutte don’t come to my shows.”

10:31pm: Break up song
The ‘Break-up song from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil pumps up energy in the dull morning for the housemates.

10:30pm: Let the battle begin
The show begins wioth teasers of tonight’s episode, which seems to be full of drama and fights, as the contestants fight for Arshi and Hiten’s divorce

10:15pm: Priyank yells at Arshi
After Arshi loses cool at Priyank’s ‘characterless woman’ remark, she brings up the wild card entrant’s alleged relationship with Sabyasachi in the house. Sabyasachi was evicted two weeks back from the show. Arshi claimed that she has heard of something brewing between Priyank and Sabyasachi. At this, Priyank loses his temper and yells at her and Vikas for supporting her through this. This leads to a fight between the friends.

10:00pm: Arshi attacks back
Priyank, during the task, points fingers at Arshi and calls her a ‘characterless woman’, which doesn’t go well with Arshi. Arshi runs a tirade in the house as she revolts back at Hina and Priyank. She calls out Hina’s hypocrisy and tells Priyank to start learning how to respect a woman.

9.45pm: Hiten’s family members question Arshi’s ‘character’
During one of the sessions, Hiten’s family members attack Arshi Khan. Not only they raise doubts against Arshi’s character, but also pass questionable remarks on her dressing sense.

9:30pm: Sapna Choudhary and Bandgi Kalra to decide on Hiten-Arshi’s divorce
Sapna Choudhary and Bandgi Kalra have been appointed as the judges in the task. They will give the final verdict on Hiten and Arshi’s divorce after hearing allegations from both the families. They will decided with mutual consent as to which family’s allegation is valid considering all the witnesses and points presented by the respective family’s lawyer.

9:15pm: Courtroom drama
The courtroom hosts various sessions in the house throughout the day.Both Hiten and Arshi’s families have to accuse the other party in each sessions for the couple’s divorce proceedings

9:00pm: Hina Khan becomes Hiten’s lawyer; Vikas Gupta to represent Arshi Khan
Both Hiten and Arshi get a lawyer for the proceedings. Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta play the lawyers. Vikas would represent Arshi, while Hina would take Hiten’s side. Looking at the argumentative nature of boh the lawyers, some bombarding is definitely expected in house

8:45pm: Hiten seeks divorce from Arshi Khan
In the game, Arshi Khan and Hiten Tejwani have to play a married couple, which is seeking a divorce. The house is divided in families of Arshi and Hiten.

8:30pm: Luxury budget task
Bigg Boss will announce the luxury budget task of the week. The house will be set up as a courtroom and Sapna CHoudhary and Bandgi Kalra will preside as the judges. Though the task was to turn the house vibes lighter, the inmates make it murkier by bringing in their personal grudges


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