Bigg Boss 11 has now entered its final week and this Sunday, ie January 14 2018, we will finally get to see the winner of the most watched show. Salman Khan‘s show has been one of the highest TRP rating shows over the last three four months since it began and thus all eyes are now focused on it in its final few episodes. Following Luv Tyagi‘s eviction from the show on Sunday, the show has got its Top 5 contestants, Hina KhanShilpa ShindeVikas GuptaPuneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani.

In tonight’s episode, we will get to see journalists enter the house and question the top 5 contestants about their game strategy, experience, viewpoints about each other and the like. It is precisely during this interaction that Shilpa Shinde will be seen breaking down in tears. This happens when one of the journalists asks Hina if she is jealous of Shilpa given she has been cooking for everyone in the house and winning their hearts. To this Hina replied, “Mujhe yeh laga k kitchen ne rehna or sabko khana dena, I will not say she does it on purpose, lekin all the time kitchen me rehna or task nai krna, I have always felt k itna kya hai k aap task bhi nai kr rahe ho. Yahi strategy agar hai to me bhi cooking seekh ke aa jaati. (She is always in the kitchen. I am not trying to say that she does it on purpose, but being in the kitchen all the time and not doing any task is not done. If this is a game strategy, then I would have also learnt some cooking and come on the show.) At that very moment, Shilpa Shinde starts crying and Puneesh consoles her. Take a look at the video below :

In the video, we then go onto see how Hina taunts Shilpa for cooking and taking over the kitchen responsibilities, without asking anyone else in the house what they would want to eat. To this Shilpa is seen that she will do as she wishes. Furthermore, Shilpa tells her that the paratha that she was eating was made by her, when Vikas interferes and says that she is lying and that he was the one who made them. To think of it the fight was quite juvenile but things did end up taking an ugly turn. Well, we just have a few more days remaining to see all this drama come to an end when one of these five contestants will be seen taking home the trophy along with the prize money. As of now, rumours are rife that either Shilpa or Hina will be the winner of this season. Who will end up winning this season, will be disclosed only on the coming Sunday. However, who do you think will be declared as the winner? Let us know in the comments’ section below and watch out this space for more Bigg Boss related news.


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