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Love Quotes for Him and Her

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Love Quotations – Love is a very precious feeling that everyone have and it hard to put into words. We always try to find the ways or sometime words to express our love and feelings towards other. Love is the only thing exists in this world which can help us to overcome from all the blues, and leads our life to gleeful.

Love Quotations is the best ways to express yours all feeling to beloved. Love is only the thing which makes you happy, lucky and wonderful; you can fight with all sorrows if you have love. Love is very pure and without love, life is incomplete. Using some of these short, Loveable and cute Love Quotes for him or her can make his or her day beautiful and show them how deeply you care and love them.

We know love can make you lighter, disturbing and annoyed than you have ever been. Some people feel shy to express their feelings to others and then they take help of these Love Quotes. We know that there are plenty of non-verbal ways to express your love, affection, feelings and care, and we always try to find some Love Quotes who describe your love in words. If you wish to give surprise and express your emotions. Our Love Quotes will help you, and you can express your feelings with Love Quotes. We have some special Love Quotations for you and it will help you to express your feelings better than your words. So, this is the right time to say what you always want to say to your beloved.

Here are some different Love Quotations, perfect for sharing with your love ones and make your every single moment memorable.

1. Love is when you look someone eyes and sees everything you need.
2. Real love is known someone’s weakness and they will never take advantage of them.
3. Never ignore a person who loves, care, and miss you, you might realize; you lost the moon while counting the stars.
4. To love is to receive a Glimpse of Heaven.
5. True Love means that you care more about someone’s feeling than yours own, No matter how much passion it may bring you.
6. Live every moment, laugh every single minute, and Love beyond words.
7. Once you are in love, yours feelings will always be there for him or her, you may not like them anyone, but you will still care.
8. You don’t have any idea, how fast my heart beats when I …. See you.
9. I am eternally in love with you, until the end of time and forever.
10. Your Heart is just a Breadbox for the song of your life.
11. Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than other and his or her own.
12. Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.

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