Tonight is war where Hina Khan and Vikas come face to face. The episode begins with Shilpa and Arshi at it again as Arshi does not leave any stone upturned to irritate Shilpa. Arshi goes to an extent to say that she would like to meet Shilpa outside and she will not even look at Shilpa as she passes -well Arshi if only yopu knew!! We have Shilpa getting upset as she shares her feelings with Puneesh and tells him how she is disgusted at Arshi and Akash. Akash goes far enough to take a dig at Hiten too as he says that he would be far ahead of him at 40. Hina and Luv tell Priyank about how they saw the paper in which Vikas has confessed that he let Hiten go for the sake of Priyank. Priyank says that probably this is his strategy and Hina confirms that Vikas does want to make his alliances strong in the house. Next morning the house wakes to murga song as Luv is informed by Priyank that Vikas is doubtful that Luv is playing for Hina. Luv tries to talk about it to Vikas who ays he does not believe until he sees. Luv also goes on to talk to Arshi and says he wants to see her as captain.

Arshi says she wants to break Shilpa’s egg. We see an emotional Shilpa where she sits alone in the bathroom area and cries as she is disturbed as she cannot face the people around anymore. She thinks that she has to be strong as she has faced worse. Hina tells Luv and Priyank that she wants them to support her exclusively while Priyank and Luv play their own games as they want to support Vikas right now. Hina Khan now goes ahead to try manipulate Shilpa as she tells Puneesh and Shilpa about the letter Vikas wrote for Hiten and she happily goes to tell Priyank and Luv that she told this all to Shilpa. Luv loses it at her as he asks her why she is going about talking here and there. Luv now goes on to convice Vikas that he did not talk about anything to anyone. Vikas now has the opportunity to go and talk to Priyank asking him when he ever told him that he would chose him over Hiten. Priyank find himself in the soup as he starts blabbering as Hina and Vikas question him from different directions. Priyank finally tells Hina and Vikas that he thought Vikas implied that. This angers Hina as she screams at Priyank for lieing to her and putting her in the wrong spot.

Priyank still tries to explain which makes actually no sense as he actually proves that he has been lieing. Vikas makes it very clear that he would never chose Priyank over Hiten. Hina goes to Shilpa and tells her that Vikas never said this and it was all Priyank’s lie. Later Luv, Hina and Shilpa discuss if this is Vikas and Priyank’s plan together. Shilpa makes a point that probably Priyank is scared of Vikas as he has to work with him outside. To this Luv points ouit about how Priyank has been going around abusing Vikas and once Vikas sees all that he will sure be angry. Hina and Shilpa say that probably priyank has taken camera into confidence. The game begins with Akash’s egg and Puneesh throws it into the pool very simply. Hina asks Priyank to tell her only tyhe truth and Priyank says that he has decided to never speak to Hina about Vikas or vice versa.

Vikas’s egg comes out and now it is war. Vikas, Arshi, Priyank , Luv and Puneesh protect the egg. Hina tries to climb on them and snatch the egg as Vikas and the others fight and Hina gets hurt. Vikas accuses Hina of playing the woman card after she herself climbs on them. Hina now starts irritating Vikas as she says that it was Vikas who let Hiten go. She also brings in Gauri once again. Later Shilpa and Hina try to instigate Luv against Vikas.

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