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Good Selfie Quotes and Selfie Captions for your Selfies

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A selfie is a snap or a picture that is taken by self with the help of smart phone or digital camera. In the last few years with the enormous development of social media the trend of taking selfies is growing day by day. Today everybody likes to take Selfies because for a selfie we do not need any high techniques of photography, you can take it just anywhere and anytime by yourself. 

The selfie word was introduced by Jim Krause and becoming more popular among the youngest generations around 2009 as updating their self taken photos on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. But without a selfie quote or caption your selfie is incomplete. It’s essential to have an outstanding selfie quote or caption with your pictures and posts because it’s also a one of the thing where people make a decision to going like your picture or not. 

Many times it’s difficult to write a caption or quote according to your selfie by yourself. That’s why we are sharing a great collection of awesome selfie captions and quotes for your amazing selfies. Some captions or quotes are about yourself that describe other peoples who are you and what you think. We also provide some funny selfie caption quotes that you can use on social media websites with your selfie pictures. You can try these quotes and captions random and put it with your selfies on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp for the purpose of liking your picture by others.

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