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Bigg Boss 11 : With Some Interesting Facts

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There is an only one day in the begun of Bigg Boss season 11. This season of Big Boss 11, which is going to start from Sunday 1st October 2017, is also going to be fun for the viewers. The curiosity of the audience has also increased day by day for this show. The show’s Crazy Fights, funny contests, Love Triangle, Funky Tasks, are also waiting for the Big Boss audience this time too. The show will be telecasted from Monday to Thursday at 9 to 10 PM and Friday to Sunday on 10:30 to 11 PM.

Dirt and Insolence not Tolerated: Salman

If we talking about the Last season of Bigg Boss , due to the insolence of contestants, Salman’s temperament grew too high, because of this reason he had decided to leave the show in the middle. However, In the launching event of the show, Salman was telling that he did not want to host Big Boss 11. Salam said that he says yes due to the request of Colors Channel but instructed to the show makers that there should be no indecency in the house. Small fights go on but there should not be dirt in the house.

Salman Khan to be with Contestants

In its new season, Bigg Boss disclosed the names of the first 4 contestants. This time, these names which are included in reality shows on neighbouring themes are from different parts of India. In first four neighbours, the name of a peons girl and the name of Dancer Sapna Chaudhary is also included. Dawood’s sister Hussina’s son-in-law Jubair Khan is also going to be a part of the show. Besides, Noida’s Shivani Durga will also be in the show. At the Grand premiere of the show, hopefully the first entry of these contestants is cleared. Apart from this, the names of Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, Dhinkach Pooja and Priyank Sharma can also be announced. On the very first day it will be clear that Which Contestant will be the neighbor of which one.

100 Days Big Boss:
The 11th Season of the Big Boss will last more than 100 days and this will be a lot of time.


The Show will be Interesting with new theme

Salman will be part of the house:
This time the Salman will be seen in a fully new personation. For the first time in the show of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan will be seen with Stroll in the neighborhood of the house and also will he be with the participants.

There is a new twist in the show:
In this season of Big Boss House, there is another person besides Big Boss and Salman that will also have a look on contestants. Indeed, Actor Gaurav Gera Pinky will be a neighbour and will bring every kind of gossip inside the house to the audience.

Arena and Dungeon:

This time along with the neighboring theme of Big Boss, two more things will be interesting at home. The Arena has been built at home and this area will be used for what will be revealed soon. Apart from this, a dungeon has also been built in the house. This jail underground has been made, so this time people of Big Boss house will have to face the dungeon.

If news is to be believed, then this time each Contestant will be given some special features by Bigg Boss, but will also be withdrawn if required. This time there will also be a special feature for the house Captain, the Captain will be given a separate house to stay apart by Bigg Boss.
Apart from this, the task of secret dating will also be kept at the house of Bigg Boss. Any couples will be asked to date, but by escaping from neighbours eyes. If it does not happen then they will be penalized for it.

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