Missed today’s episode of Bigg Boss? Read all the highlights from the 20th episode of India’s most controversial reality show Bigg Boss 11 aired on Colors.

10:21 pm: Salman Khan leaves the house saying, “Do whatever you want to do man.” In the preview, the Colors family gets into the avatar of Bigg Boss family. Also, Salman introduces Dhinchak Pooja the first wild card entry in the house.

10:20 pm: Returning to the stage, Salman Khan talks about the nominated contestants this week.

10:19 pm: Shilpa Shinde tries to reason out with Hina Khan for her rude behaviour towards Benafsha Sonawalla.

10:18 pm: Hina Khan fights with Benafsha Soonawalla as she didn’t support her during the task. Benafsha is in tears and she said that she came there to apologise but Hina refuses to listen to her.

10:16 pm: Arshi Khan continues to comment on Hina Khan. She says she has beaten up Hina during the task.

10:09 pm: Hina Khan and Arshi Khan once again get into a war of words in the washroom.

10:07 pm: Hina Khan and Arshi Khan return to the house. Hina says Arshi got personal in the game. Shilpa Shinde supports Hina and says she should not lose her dignity for this game.

10:05 pm: Salman Khan is disappointed with both Hina Khan and Arshi Khan’s performance.

10:04 pm: Arshi Khan gets violent during the task and hurts Hina Khan. Hina loses her cool and shouts at Arshi for crossing limits.

9:54 pm: In the round two, Hina Khan and Arshi Khan have to take each other’s flags and bring it to their side while the other one will protect their flags. The one with the maximum number of flags in the end will win the round.

9:53 pm: Hina Khan wins the round with maximum support from the housemates and it is only Akash Dadlani who supports Arshi Khan.

9:52 pm: Hina Khan says nobody in the house should talk to her.

9:51 pm: Arshi Khan says Hina Khan makes her speak foul words and it is her who needs to learn how to behave before teaching others how to behave.

9:49 pm: Salman Khan, Arshi Khan and Hina Khan are in the battle ring. In the first round, Hina and Arshi have to speak on why their opponent does not deserve to live in the house.

9:48 pm: Coming to the luxury budget task, Salman Khan says the contestants have much power in them so they should fight it out in the Sultani Akhada. It is Hina Khan and Arshi Khan who will fight with each other this weekend.

9:46 pm: Salman Khan jokes about the funny banters between Hiten Tejwani and Arshi Khan.

9:45 pm: It’s time for the Appy Fizz Caller of the week who has a question from Hiten Tejwani. She asks Hiten about his wife Gauri’s Diwali wish which advised him to be a leader rather than being a follower.

9:44 pm: Salman Khan tells Arshi Khan that spitting on each other is not cool and she should refrain from getting involved in such acts.

9:43 pm: Salman Khan now talks to Hina Khan but she unnecessarily brings Arshi Khan into the conversation.

9:41 pm: Vikas Gupta points out that Shilpa Shinde used offensive words. To this Salman says that she only used idioms which don’t have any wrong intentions.

9:39 pm: Shilpa Shinde says Vikas Gupta has tricked Jyoti Kumari and has pulled her to his side.

9:38 pm: Salman Khan now asks Sapna Chaudhary about her being disappointed with Vikas Gupta. Sapna says Vikas was wrong and thus she protested against him. She says, “Nobody is my relative that I will hide their mistakes.”

9:36 pm: Salman Khan warns the contestants to not use the words “kutta” and “nalla” which he used while he grilling Zubair Khan as it makes him feel guilty.

9:34 pm: Salman Khan tries to reason with Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani who were angry with Vikas Gupta for nominating them.

9:31 pm: Luv Tyagi sits on the bull and Salman Khan asks him several questions. Luv says he is confused about what direction should he follow.

9:30 pm: Out of the remaining contestants who didn’t make it to the top four, Salman asks housemates to decide on one name who deserves to sit on the bull. Everyone takes Luv Tyagi’s name.

9:27 pm: Salman Khan reveals the two names who according to the audience are in the top ten contestants. It is Vikas Gupta and Jyoti Kumari. He asks Sabyasachi Satpathy and Benafsha Sonawalla to come out of that list.

9:26 pm: Dabangg Khan appreciates Hiten Tejwani for being a pacifier in all the fights that happen inside the house.

9:25 pm: Salman Khan asks Shilpa Shinde if she was responsible for not Vikas Gupta being in the top ten. Shilpa denies saying that rather Vikas deserves to be number one.

9:24 pm: Akash Dadlani apologises to Salman Khan. Now Salman comes to Hina Khan. He asks Hina if Benafsha Soonawalla deserved to be on the top 10 list.

9:22 pm: Salman Khan grills Akash Dadlani on wasting food. He says there are many kids who are starving in the country. Without understanding the tone of Salman, Akash says he donates to the poor children every month.

9:20 pm: Salman Khan addresses how Vikas Gupta pushed Puneesh Sharma during the luxury budget task and why he was not evicted from the house like Priyank. He says Vikas’ action was a reaction to what happened with him during the task.

9:18 pm: Now, Salman questions the positions taken by the housemates in the task. He raises concerns about Sabyasachi Satpathy being on number four in terms of popularity in the outside world.

9:16 pm: Salman Khan says only four or five contestants are active on the show and the rest of them are taking a free ride like passengers.

9:15 pm: Finally, Salman Khan meets the housemates and tell them they only look good on weekends. He add that they look worst during the weekdays telecast.

9:14 pm: Hina Khan and Benafsha Soonawalla get into a war of words after the task. Hina starts yelling and Akash Dadlani says Hina is a cry baby. Hina loses her temper while Benafsha maintains her cool.

9:13 pm: However, Shilpa Shinde replaces Hina at number one.

9:12 pm: On number 10, it is Luv Tyagi. Number 9 is Sapna Chaudhary. Bandgi Kalra is in the 8th position., Number 7 is Jyoti Kumari. Number 6 is Arshi Khan. Number 5 is Hiten Tejwani. Number 4 is Sabyasachi Satpathy. Number 3 is Puneesh Sharma. Number 2 is Shilpa Shinde and number 1 is Akash Dadlani. Then the remaining contestants decide who do not deserve to be in the line and unanimously they decide Luv and Jyoti are the least deserving and replaces them with Hina Khan and Arshi Khan. Hiten is shifted to number 10 and his position is taken by Arshi. Hina is shifted to number one position.

9:08 pm: Salman Khan shows the task given to the contestants where they had to rank each other on the basis of popularity in the outside world.

9:07 pm: Salman Khan enters the house and promises to grill the contestants.

9:04 pm: Salman Khan leaves the audience with the highlights of the week.

9 pm: Making a stylish entry on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan talks about his Diwali being the most peaceful and pollution free Diwali ever. He begins by taking names of contestants who remind him of different festivals. Arshi Khan reminds him of Naag Panchami, Hina Khan – Dahi Handi, Shilpa Shinde – Holi and Akash Dadlani reminds him of Easter.

8:45 pm: Here’s a sneak peek at today’s episode:


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