10.26pm to 10.30pm: Just as Benafsha Soonawala gets ready to leave the house, Salman Khan tells her that she is safe. Housemates are happy to see Ben. After all the fun, Salman brings an end to the suspense. He announces the name of the housemate who is getting eliminated tonight and it is none other than, commoner Jyoti Kumari. Salman says she got less vote and hence she has to leave the show. Jyoti was the youngest contestant in the house.

10.02pm to 10.20pm: Shilpa Shinde loses her temper. Shilpa is talking about Arshi Khan’s behaviour.Shilpa Shinde questions why Arshi Khan was never questioned for all the abusive things she has said in the past. Coming to captaincy task, its time for the three contenders to battle to become the next captain. Hina will be monitoring the task and she’ll announce the winner’s name. Luv, Jyoti and Benafsha have been nominated for elimination and the first two are in the captaincy race as well. Salman clears that Benafsha is safe.

09.45pm to 09.56pm: Salman Khan is super upset with Priyank for spreading negativity inside the house. Benafsha and Vikas stand in support of Priyank saying he got carried away. Salman warns housemates not to get personal. Salman tells the housemates that the topic is closed and no one will talk about it. And now it’s time for fizzy question and this time it’s for Akash Dadlani. Caller tells Akash to take things seriously in life especially in terms of nomination. Manu Punjabi and Lopa warns Akash for the same.  Priyank Sharma apologizes to Arshi Khan after what he did. Priyank goes all teary and Hina, Vikas tries to console him.

09.30pm to 09.45pm: Bigg Boss 10 contestants Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra Raut are in Bigg Boss 11. The guests discuss how the commoners and celebrity contestants get into heated argument right from day one. Lopa thinks Hiten and Arshi’s angle is too entertaining and so is Akash. Lopa calls Shilpa an effortless entertainer. Manu Punjabi happy the way Vikas Gupta is playing. Lopa tells the housemates that they’re becoming a little too mean. Manu Punjabi doesn’t think the padosis are performing upto the mark. Manu asks Priyank what planning has he made when he entered the house again as a wildcard entrant. Salman reminds Priyank of the rules he broke after returning in the show. Salman is miffed with Priyank of what he tried to do by discussing about personal things. Salman warns housemates on controlling their language.

09.15pm to 09.30pm: Housemates discuss with Salman Khan why they think Puneesh Sharma couldn’t be apt for captainship. But Arshi Khan claims that Puneesh Sharma would make a better captain than the nominated housemates. Mehjabi Siddiqui says that Puneesh Sharma wasn’t voted for captaincy due to his short tempered nature. Salman asks Hina despite of declaring Luv Tyagi as weak performer then why was he chosen as for captaincy race. Mrs. Bigg Boss aka Dhinchak Dimpy is back and enters the stage mocking Dhinchak Pooja. Even Salman Khan is no less to pull Pooja’s legs by singing the way she does. Salman and Dimpy discusses who’d be the perfect partner for Dhinchak Pooja inside BB11 house. Amidst the tension, this fun rap session will up the entertainment quotient.

Salman Khan all set to play a game with the housemates. In this game chemistry between the housemates will be tested. Each housemate will have an envelope with someone’s name and the others will guess who it is with three placards.

09.00pm to 09.15pm: Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar is back! Salman Khan shows few antics that keeps happening inside the house. But tonight it’s not going to be a smooth show for some of the contestants as one of them will get eliminated and some are going to get grilled. Before the real show, Salman shows a video clip of what happened in the house yesterday after the show. In the race to captaincy, Bigg Boss asks housemates to select three contenders from blue team (who won Khulja Sim Sim luxury budget task) and announce the names. But Vikas Gupta can’t be part of this race to captaincy. Akash Dadlani is hell bent on being the captain. And finally the names of the three contenders who will battle to become the next captain of the house are Bandgi Kalra, Jyoti Kumari and Luv Tyagi. Arshi is upset that housemates didn’t choose for captaincy race.

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