Bigg Boss 11 is nearing its finale and one contestant will be eliminated come weekended after coming so close to the winner’s trophy. Much to the surprise of the viewers, Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani got safe, while Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Luv Tyagi and Vikas Gupta landed in the danger zone. The show runners then decided to confuse the fans by keeping the voting lines closed. Who knew that they had planned something bigger and better. These four contestants were brought out of the house to a mall in Vashi, Navi Mumbai where they had to appeal their fans to save them. Things didn’t turn out the way they were suppose to as fans in mammoth numbers turned up at the mall. As soon as the contestants arrived, the security guards somehow managed to get them to a life size cage that was set up at the centre stage of the mall.

But the over excited fans broke the barricades and started latching to the bars of the jail to get close to their favourite contestants. Situation got out of control as some fans started pulling Hina’s hair. The activity was temporarily suspended. The housemates were taken out and brought back to the house, but the fans kept standing there in a line to vote for their favourite contestants. Yep! The voting did happen as people one by one put their votes in a ballot box.

The shoot for the last Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 11 is happening right now with host Salman Khan, which means the votes have been counted. And going by the chatter on social media, it’s Luv, who has received the least number of votes. If that is true then he is on his way out of the Bigg Boss house in some hours from now.

Well, we were there at the mall too yesterday and we have to admit, there were not many of Luv supporters out there. That was mainly because many of his fans, who were suppose to fly to Mumbai from Delhi believed in the rumour that he was on the Ticket To Finale and won’t come to the mall. But later, the rumour was busted when Luv ended up at the mall along with the other three nominated contestants.

Will Luv really be eliminated from Bigg Boss 11 or will it be someone else? We can’t wait to find out!

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