Bigg Boss 11 is turning out to be one of the most controversial, dramatic and entertaining season of the series this far. With Zubair Khan, Priyank Sharma and Sshivani Durga eliminated from the show, and Dhinchaak Pooja‘s sudden entry using the wild card, things have definitely got a lot more interesting. Yesterday, we saw how Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan began instigating Pooja. Will she succumb to their games or prevent them from getting to her? Let’s find out in today’s episode.

11:00 pm to 11: 15 pm – Bigg Boss sends pizza to lure the housemates inside the house. Hina Khan warns Pooja to not be influenced by the others. Pooja thinks she’ll be sent to jail anyway. Hina Khan tells Pooja that Bigg Boss will decide who will be sent to jail, not the housemates.  Hina claims that she’ll go to jail if the housemates play a game. The housemates encourage Pooja to leave and she leaves. Pooja breaks down in the house and  finds a shoulder of comfort in Shilpa Shinde. Pooja justifies her stance while Akash Dadlani and Shilpa Shinde console her. In a turn of events, Pooja finds a friend in Arshi Khan and Akash. Pooja defends her decision of coming inside the house. Bigg Boss announces that the luxury task is over and Team Blue wins as more of its members have remained outside.The members of the blue team celebrate their victory in style. Hina Khan, Jyoti Kumari and Sapna Chaudhary discuss whose name to nominate for captaincy. Arshi Khan and Puneesh Sharma tease A-Cash and Pooja. Bandgi Kalra, Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani discuss the nomination for captaincy. Hina Khan breaks down remembering all the things told to her.

10:45 pm to 11: 00 pm – Akash Dadlani tries to patch up with Shilpa Shinde once they enter the house. Bandgi Kalra tells Pooja that Hina Khan always targets her and tries to provoke her. Mehjabi Siddiqui shares her heartfelt life story with Arshi Khan, Puneesh Sharma and Jyoti Kumari. With Bigg Boss announcing Khulja sim sim, Arshi Khan and Mehjabi Siddiqui decide to go in. The blue team tries to convince Pooja to give up and go inside or she might end up in jail.

10:30 pm to 10:45 pm – In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, Hina Khan breaks down after multiple accusations from the housemates. All the housemates wake up to the peppy tunes of bora bora. Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma share a sweet moment in the morning. Mehjabi Siddiqui and Hina Khan talk about Puneesh Sharma. Both the red and blue team are trying their hardest to send the other team’s members into the cave. The fight is on! Arshi Khan throws dirt and gobar on Shilpa Shinde. Sapna Choudhary’s mic gets wet, all thanks to Shilpa Shinde. BenafshaSoona celebrates as Hina Khan’s mic gets spoilt. Both the teams end up arguing over the mic damage. The argument between Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde doesn’t look to be ending any time soon. The argument between both the teams escalates. Its khulja sim sim time and Luv Tyagi decides to send Shilpa Shinde and Akash Dadlani inside for damaging the housemates’ mics.


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