If you’re a Bigg Boss regular, you know what Salman Khan’s dhamki to the padosison the Weekend Ka Vaar episode really means. Yup, they’re not safe anymore, which means an elimination is on the cards. Boss, Lucinda’s exit was much needed and well deserved too. If you expect audiences to be impressed with a fair and lovely, accented beauty, then I’m sorry, you’re quite mistaken.

Lucy has been a waste of a contestant. Looks like she could barely get the drift of the house, leave alone playing the game to her advantage. She was boring as hell too. I’m glad she’s gone thanks to this surprise eviction. Sshivani and Lucinda will hardly be missed. But I must say, the nominations did make for a nail biting few minutes. 😛

Bigg Boss, don’t you think you’re being too kind to Vikas?

Mehjabi, Sabyasachi and Luv are taking their ‘we are family’ story ahead quite convincingly. But now with Lucy gone, what twist will they bring in? Hmm… I’m curious, aren’t you?

Adding to their misery is Akash who just can’t stop rapping. As annoying as he is, this crazy bugger makes me laugh. Maybe he’s just trying to hide his sadness, after all, his sweet ol’ Lucy has left the building. By the way, between Lucinda and Luv, she was the obvious choice for elimination. Come to think of it, ismein surprise kya tha Bigg Boss?

And while you were distracted by the Monday surprise, here’s what’s been cooking between Vikas and his sworn enemy Hina. Abhi tak they were not even on talking terms, but looks like they’re sorting out their differences and preparing an attack no one else can see coming. Vikas tells Hina that they should act as if they hate each other, but actually work like a team against all the housemates.

Dude, now I know where Indian TV soaps get all their bitchiness and plot twists from. Vikas Gupta is the mastermind behind them! But will Hina agree to his plot or does she have a strategy of her own to play out. I guess we’ll have to wait and watch till the next elimination.



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