Television’s most controversial show Bigg Boss 11  has entered it’s 7th week and the contestants are showing their true colors with each passing day. After this week’s nominations, the contestants have moved on to the luxury budget task and they will now battle on a different scale to prove who is better than whom. With Bandgi and Puneesh getting cozy with each other, Bigg Boss’s house is seeing some cherry blossoms of love. The rest of them are carrying the torch of hatred. Yesterday we saw that Benafsha and Akash got into an ugly spat over the hygiene standards of Benafsha.

11:00-11:15 Vikas also takes a stand for Ben but Akash and Puneesh say that she should have retaliated then and there if she had an objection. Vikas asks Akash and Puneesh not to comment on the girls and to stay in his limits as far as the girls are concerned. Ben blames Puneesh and tells everyone that he asks Bandgi to show him something every single night. Puneesh gets furious and asks Benafsha to swear on her mother. Akash enjoys the fight and Ben calls him ugly. Priyank fight’s with Puneesh on Ben’s behalf and things get heated up. Shilpa Shinde asks for a psychiatrist to help Ben and Hina Khan takes it personally.

10:45- 11:00 Benafsha goes to the washroom to confront Akash. She bangs on the washroom door and doesn’t even wait for him to come out to clear her stand to him. Hina and Priyank stand up for Benafsha and say that Akash is not doing the right thing by calling a girl stinky on national television. Vikas questions Ben for raising this topic after so long and Ben searches for Akash’s bag to get back at him. Hina and Priyank raise the issue that Aksh commented Ben’s breast and he shouldn’t have done it. Puneesh Sharma Reveals That Akash Dadlani Called Benafsha Soonawala ‘Flat Screen Tv’. Hina escalates the issue unnecessarily and Ben looses her temper and says that she might sleep in whatever she wants and no one should cross their limits by looking at her when she sleeps.

10:30-10:45 Hina Khan keeps talking about Bandgi and Puneesh’s closeness. She tells Hiten and Sabyasachi that Bandgi sleeps with him in the same quilt and she claims to have come to the Bigg Boss house to gain her parent’s trust. Bandgi tells Shilpa that Benafsha has told her many personal things and habits like the one where she likes to sleep without any clothes. She also tells Shilpa that Ben likes to hug who ever is sleeping next to her at night. Hina and Luv Tyagi also talk about Ben’s issue with Akash. They side with Benafsha and decide to take a stand for her.

Benafsha talks to Hina about her clothes at night and says that Puneesh asked Akash not to remove quilt suddenly from a girl because he doesn’t know how her clothes are under it. Akash and Bandgi took it in the wrong sense and interpreted that she likes to sleep naked at night. Hina and Priyank recreate Bandgi and Puneesh’s cosy poses.



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