Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar sees contestants revealing their darkest secrets in a booth. The one with the most interesting reply saves himself from nominations.The episode has ex-Bigg Boss contestant Tanisha Mukherjee and Naagin actor Karanvir Bohra as guests.

There are many dark secrets spilled as the contestants spare no chance to be declared safe. Hina Khan discloses she ran away from home, Sabyasachi wanted a sex reassemble surgery in 2001 and Vikas Gupta takes the blame of separating his parents.

Besides all this, Salman gives a hilarious task to the contestants which makes them all laugh out loud and enjoy themselves. Salman is also joined by Gaurav Gera, who adds to the extra dose of entertainment.

Here are the Live Updates from tonight’s episode.

10.24 PM: Salman announces Dhinchak Pooja as the evicted contestant of the week.

10.23 PM: Benafsha is declared safe by Salman.

10.14 PM: Shilpa’s secret touches the guests the most and hence, they declare her safe from nominations.

10.12 PM: Sabyasachi wanted a sex change operation in 2001 to be with his lover.

10.12 PM: Vikas reveals that he is the son who separated his parents as he felt they were not right each other.

10.10 PM: Sapna tells she wanted to be a sub-inspector but could not due to her financial conditions.

10.09 PM: Benafsha Soonawalla confesses she suffers from anxiety, a mental illness and begins to cry.

10.08 PM: Dhinchak Pooja tells how her mother is strict and so she doesn’t have much experience.

10.07 PM: Shilpa Shinde reveals that she could not complete her graduation and lied to her dad about it.

10.06 PM: Akash Dadlani reveals that he cheated while playing a tournament.

10.04 PM: Hina Khan says that she ran away from home once after fighting with her parents.

10.03 PM: Hiten reveals that his wife even buys underwear for him. He also says that he once got drunk and was scolded by his wife for the same.

9.53 PM: Salman then announces that contestants will now share their secrets in a booth.

9.50 PM: The guests discuss Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta controversy. Tanisha differs in her opinion and favours Shilpa unlike Karanvir, who tells the producer’s side of the story.

9.47 PM: Tanisha Mujherjee and Karanvir Bohra are welcomed as guests by Salman.

9.45 PM: Priyank wins the game as Akash isn’t able to score at all in any round. Priyanka is declared safe by Salman.

9.41 PM: Akash and Vikas are put in ‘Akhaada’

9.39 PM: Contestants begin to bitch among themselves during the break they are given.

9.36 PM: Hina and Shilpa begin to fight as the former feels kitchen cloth should not be washed in the same tub as panties.

9.32 PM: Arshi Khan and Hina Khan get into an argument as the former makes fun of her Asthma.

9.30 PM: Contestants points out who is the messiest in the house. Arshi Khan, Benafsha Soonawalla and Luv Tyagi emerge as the common names.

9.27 PM: Salman Khan points out how dirty the house is kept. Hina Khan blames Arshi for most of the mess. Salman talks about Swacch Bharat Programme..

9.24 PM: Bandagi Kalra and Sapna Chaudhary are also declared safe

9.21 PM: Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan are paired next. Hina deliberately says ‘no’ to everything, Vikas takes the pain in silence.

9.18 PM: Sapna Chaudhary waxes Puneesh herself and the latter yells in pain.

9.14 PM: Akash suffers the worst in the game and begins to bleed when the strip is applied on his chest.

9.12 PM: Salman Khan divides the contestants into teams of two. He tells them he’d give a statement and the jodidar would have to reply in a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. The male teammate would be waxed if the answer is a ‘no’.


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