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Bigg Boss 11 November 29 preview: Revenge gets sweeter as tables turn in luxury budget task

The most controversial house of our country, the Bigg Boss 11 house is making people love it more and more with each passing day. After the hateful play of luxury budget task, it’s time for the other team to present their revengeful tactics. We can’t wait for the vengeance to start.

11:00-11:15 Akash finishes his time of torture and performs brilliantly. Luv Tyagi comes up next and his ‘bail buddhi’ attitude makes it tough for him. Puneesh attacks him with a trimmer. He starts a series of slaps in order to save his hair. Hina very dramatically tells Arshi that she has been growing her hair for a year and would be very sad if she looses them in a task. Earlier she was telling Vikas Gupta that her opponents should keep her asthama problem in mind while attacking her.



Luv finishes his task and Hina comes. Bandgi waxes Hina’s neck and starts cutting her hair. Hina starts crying and says that a girl is cutting other girl’s hair on national television. Vikas tells Hina that when Shilpa’s were getting cut by one of her team members, she defended and said that just the split ends are getting trimmed. Now she has to taste her own medicine.

10:45-11:00 Arshi Khan comes to the torture table and gets up within a minute. Shilpa brings Hiten’s used waxing strips to wax Arshi. Bandgi starts with a scissor and Arshi leaves. Akash comes next and Hiten’s strip goes to his bald head and face. Puneesh brings Garlic and rubs it on his face to start the itching. Akash’s eyebrows and lips swell up and Shilps keeps encouraging him to quit.

10:30-10:45 Everyone passes comments on Hiten’s new waxed legs and Hiten gets furious with every dirty comment. Arshi and Akash hide all the trimmers to avoid getting their hair cut in revenge. Hina plans that she and Akash should spit on the contestants so strategically, that they win the game. Vikas sides with Shlipa, Puneesh and Bandgi and gives them some important tips. He says that they need to break the other team’s morale.

Akash Dadlani gets so scared with the pain of waxing that he removes all of the hair from his legs. Bandgi threatens Hina that she will throw all of her make up in the pool this time. Puneesh starts yelling once again because someone stole his trimmer from his bag. Hiten also gets angry over the stealing of his trimmer as well. He raises his tone for the first time and asks the opponents to give his trimmer back.

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