The Bigg Boss game is only getting more and more intense with every passing episode. Over the last two days, we are seeing how the housemates are going to every length possible to not only win the task but make it difficult for the other person to do the same. Yesterday, we saw how BFFs Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi fought tooth and nail. It was almost difficult to imagine that the two, not long ago, were the best of friends inside the house. We also saw how Hina and Shilpa Shinde, two arch rivals at one point of time, joining hands to get Akash Dadlani to lose the task. Yes, the game is just getting more and more intense with contestants surprising us with their every move. Vikas Gupta and Akash have already lost the Mount BB Task. So let’s find out what happens in tonight’s episode. Is there another twist awaiting? Will we get to know who gets the direct ticket to the Finals? Read on..

11: 15 pm to 11: 30 pm : Puneesh, who is one of the thieves, tries his best to steal the artefacts and place it in the truck positioned inside, but miserably fails each time. He again apologises to Shilpa, who tells him that they played the last task in an incorrect and dirty way by creating a rift between commoners and celebrities. She is seen telling him that from the time she step foot inside the house, she never considered herself as a celeb and Puneesh is seen agreeing with her. After a while, Vikas is seen telling Puneesh that he did the right thing by realising his mistake. Hearing this Akash starts shouting for no rhyme or reason, calling it all fake. Bigg Boss declares that since Puneesh was unsuccessful at stealing anything from the museaum, Rs 25 lakh now get added to the prize money, which was nil. Now it’s Luv Tyagi’s time to do the stealing. Luv tells Puneesh that he still stands on the dividing line between the celebs and the commoners. To this Puneesh replies saying he disagrees with his viewpoint. He says that this would have been valid two months ago but , now everyone in the house is at an equal status. Given that Luv too fails to steal, Bigg Boss adds another Rs 25 lakhs to the prize money and now the total prize money of Bigg Boss 11 is back to Rs 50 lakh.

11: 00 pm to 11 : 15 pm : Things have started becoming intense even before the task begins. The housemates get into a war of words. Akash makes fun of Hina and asks Puneesh to get him make-up, else he will look ugly. Hina continues to act juvenile and make faces, to which Akash says that she is showing signs of a frustrated person. Puneesh and Luv come to a consensus that they won’t steal, but in the midst of all this, Shilpa says that they should hit with the steel artefact. This instigates both Puneesh and Luv, lose their cool on Shilpa. She feels extremely bad that Puneesh yelled at her. Feeling bad about what he did, Puneesh gets a flower for Shilpa and apologises to her for lashing out at her. He confides in Akash and tells him that Shilpa has always supported him and he did wrong by yelling at her

10 : 45 pm to 11 :00 pm : Puneesh Sharma, Luv Tyagi and Shilpa Shinde have certain opinions about Vikas Gupta’s behavior. The housemates wake up to the track of ‘Ek rasta, do raahi.’ Shilpa Shinde, Luv Tyagi and Puneesh Sharma talk about Akash Dadlani’s crazy antics. It’s time for the next task BB Museum. The housemates have started strategizing for the BB Museum task. Bigg Boss introduces a task wherein Puneesh and Luv will be the thieves aka chors, while others will be the guards of the museum. There are a few artefacts worth Rs 25 lakhs kept in the living room. If the guards are successful in saving these artefacts, the prize money will become Rs 25 lakhs from the current zero. Luv and Puneesh have to respectively steal the artefacts that are worth Rs 12.5 lakhs  in order to win the ticket To Finale. Broken artefacts will not be considered, either for theft or for the saved ones. Will Puneesh Sharma or Luv Tyagi be able to get the ticket to finale?

10 : 30 pm to 10 :45 pm : Akash Dadlani goes behind everyone’s back and tells Vikas Gupta about the things others have been saying about him. It’s the next round of Mount BB task and the things have started to get interesting. Hina Khan loses her bag and is out of the task too. Now the game is between Puneesh Sharma, Luv Tyagi and Shilpa Shinde. Shilpa is now out of the BB Mount task. Puneesh Sharma and Luv Tyagi are now the contenders for ticket to finale.

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