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Bigg Boss 11 – First Day Episode


After a lot waiting, we have ultimately the Bigg Boss season 11 here. The show seems to be greatly interesting, with Shilpa Shinde and TV producer Vikas Gupta already beatting the floor running on the stage of the show itself. And now, the first day of the Bigg Boss 11, right here below:

10:30 – 10:50 PM: The show starts with a look inside in the night time at the four contestants in the Padosi house. They are seen discussing the behaviour of the contestants. Zubair Khan is seen clarifying his family history, talking to Shilpa Shinde. Hiten and Vikas, and others are bonding individually in the morning. Zubair is seen being social with everyone. Shilpa gets insinuated about the tiff she had with Vikas regarding Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai. Vikas and Shilpa pass negative comments about each other, and it turns into a nasty affair. Zubair continues entertaining and socialising. Zubair and Sapna start a loud-mouthed quarrel over some comment, claiming he doesn’t want any TRP. The entertaining Zubair is now turning against everyone, as he took off his shirt as well. Finally, the morning arrives and everyone is doing the usual dancing bit. It is announced that the residents of the Padosi house may only get their ration at the consent of the residents of the main house.

11:00 – PM: Luv from the Padosis house calls the main house and demands for food for six people, despite only being four of them. Vikas answers the call and gets pissed at Luv for being rude despite prompt service. Hina gets mildly offended as Zubair calls her a ‘Bai’. They later politely discuss it off. Bigg Boss explains how hard it will be for the Padosis to get in the main house. He gives them a task, with a story that they will follow. They start reading out their characters. In the story, Luv and Sabyasachi are supposed to be lovers. Lucinda is supposed to be a businessman’s young girlfriend. And they have to enter the house following this story, and make the story believable. Luv seems quite daunted by the task.

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