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Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 begins on a rather divisive note – the housemates turn against Vikas Gupta after a heated discussion over his sexuality. Things heat up quickly and Hina and Puneesh Sharma get into a scuffle with Vikas. Hina says she regrets having supported Vikas during his fights with Priyank Sharma.

“It is my choice to whether or not share, that’s my information. Sabne apne aap decide kar liya mai kya hoon?” Vikas asks and Hina retorts, “Hum itne din se tumhare liye lad rahe hain, tab bol dete bhai.”

Vikas tells Hina that she isn’t someone he would like to share this information with. Hina is infuriated and says, “You know what Vikas, mere se galti hui mai aapke liye ladi. I don’t want to talk to you.” Vikas tells her, “ Aap sahi ke liye khadi hoti hain? Abhi dikh raha hai aap kitni galat hain. Aapse bada dogla maine dekha nahi hai,” and walks out of the room.

Hina says, “I am not going to talk to this person. Ye ab sab se pange le raha hai.” Shilpa Sinde is apparently happy seeing housemates turn against Vikas and she keeps saying “casting couch” to him.

 Later, Vikas breaks down and forcibly exits the house.
Bigg Boss also introduces the weekly luxury budget task called ‘Raja Rani Ki Kahaani’ making Hiten Tejwani the raja (king). Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan are the two ranis (queens). As per the task, the housemates are divided into two groups, supporting each queen respectively by forming a wall with the coloured bricks – red for one team and blue for the other. Each team needs to ensure the opposite team isn’t able to construct the wall and they can do this by breaking the wall formed by the other team.
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