In today’s episode of ‘Big Boss-11’ many equations were created-deteriorating. Where the house got a new captain, there was a different look of Benafsha and the Sapna. The day of ‘Big Boss’ House started normal only, but Captain Nomination made a stir in the house. Actually, ‘Big Boss’ asked the householders to nominate the names of two members of the winner’s team in the luxury budget task for the captaincy, who performed best in the luxury budget task.

All the contastants were gathered in the living area and the majority came in the name of Hina Khan and Sapna Chaudhary for the captaincy. But these two names were not announced. At the same time, Benaphsha was found telling with the contastants that she was doing well in the task of luxury budget then Sapna. Still nobody took their name. Benafsha said that the house was discussed in this regard.

In the end, once again the house was gathered in the living area and again the name was asked. This time three names appear. Hina, Sapna, and Benafsha for the captaincy. But the majority came in the name of the Sapna and Hina. After the nomination of the captaincy, the turn came after the task. Two glass containers were kept in this task. The representative elected by the nominate members to sit for the Captain Task on the stool kept in these containers was to sit. After that the rest of the members had to fill the sand in the anti container to win their favorite captains.

While the Sapna was chosen by Punish Sharma as its representative, Hina chose Hiten as her representative. As soon as this task started, all the people gathered with full enthusiasm. However, after completion of the task, there was a debate in the Sapna and Vikas, in which the sapna termed Vikas as a cunning player. On the other hand, after the Captain Task, Big Boss gave another task to the house. In that work, to nominate members to be Eleemant from the house, the nominate members had to tell why they should not go to this house. This work also warmed the atmosphere of the house.

The representative keeps throwing the sand out of the container. Hina and Sapna try to convince the other ‘gharwale’ to throw sand in the opposite contenders’ glass container. In the end, the contender having less sand in her glass container wins the captaincy task.

After the captaincy task comes to an end, Sapna lashes out at Vikas as she is not happy with his involvement in the task. Later, the contestants nominated for evictions are given a chance to give an explanation to the other contestants as to why do they deserve to stay in the Bigg Boss house. Rumours doing the rounds suggest that Hina Khan wins the captaincy. However, whether or not she really does can be confirmed only in tonight’s episode. Who do you want to see as the captain? Let us know in the comments’ section below.


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