With just eight people left in the house, things are going a little out of hand. Basically sab paagal ho gaye hai. Bahumat se toh iss ghar may kuch ho nahi sakta(their last captaincy task). So hathapai hi sahi. Everybody wants a piece of the golden egg and that’s exactly Bigg Boss has come up with.

Today the gharwale battle it out and save their eggs in order to remain in the race for captaincy. The chicken will keep hatching golden eggs at regular intervals with a picture of a contestant inscribed on it. The contestant whose picture is inscribed on the golden egg has to protect that egg from other contestants and convince them not to plunge their egg in the swimming pool. The contestant whose golden egg ends up in the swimming pool is out of the race for captaincy.

With the shocking eviction of Hiten, strategies and friendships have suddenly started shifting. Kaun kiska dost tha ya hai pata hi nahi chalta. I never though Hina and Shilpa can be friends but this is Bigg Boss – yahan kuch bhi ho sakta haiYahan mastermind Vikas Gupta’s plan has also failed. So now at this crucial stage everyone wants to win immunity – matlab captaincy task jitna hi padega.

Gharwale engage in all sorts of planning and plotting and come up with strategies to protect their eggs. Puneesh is taken aback as Akash Dadlani shows great agility and destroys Puneesh’s hopes of becoming a captain. I mean seriously, what were you expecting from Akash? On the other hand, Vikas Gupta very smartly gets hold of Hina’s golden egg and refuses to return it to her. Hina’s chamchas Luv and Priyank come to her rescue. And Hina’s egg is saved.

But Begum Arshi Khan ke toh lene ke dena par gaye. Madame had made big plans of saving her egg but dhoka ho gaya. How can Priyank and Luv support Arshi when their queen bee Hina has not given them a green signal? She lashes out at Luv and Priyank saying that they should be ashamed of themselves for not sticking by their own words and playing to someone else’s tunes. When did they ever played using their own head?

In between all this as everyone gets physical during the task, Priyank’s right arm gets injured and a doctor is called for malham patti. I would say usko koi dimag ki dawayi bhi de do.

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