Before the turn of the year, another elimination in the house of Bigg Boss 11 has come through, and the name of the one eliminated does not come as a shock. Priyank Sharma has been eliminated from the Salman Khan hosted reality show. This week, he was nominated along with Luv Tyagi, who has been becoming a sort of fan favourite of late. And with the Tyagi community rallying votes for their darling son, Luv turned the favoured winner between the two.

Things were evidently getting harder and harder for Priyank in the house of Bigg Boss 11, with the youth icon having broken down on multiple occasions on the reality show. Priyank, who was evidently running tired in the house had a breakdown before his mother in the house. He even apologised for all the wrong things he has said and done in the house, and also asked her if his father is upset with him. His rolling tears even made Hina Khan forget her showdown fight with Priyank. At that point even she couldn’t boycott him further.

Meanwhile, Luv Tyagi is gaining huge popularity by being loyal to Hina Khan in the house. Provided him refraining from passing unsavoury comments to a woman has also endeared him to many in the house and outside, whereas Priyank lost a lot of supporters after calling Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan ‘saand.’ Following that, he endured a public break up at the hands of a visiting Divya Agarwal. Keep following this space for more updates.

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