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Bigg Boss 11 December 7 2017 LIVE Update: Puneesh’s father Tells Hina Khan Not To Cry Anymore

Bigg Boss 11 is the most controversial house of the television industry and since you are reading this post we assume that you are an ardent follower of the show just like us. This week has been an interesting one and now since Arshi has been throned, only time will tell how many will be tortured and how many lie on a bed of roses.

11:00-11:15 Shilpa’s mother comes home next and she asks Arshi not to disrespect Shilpa if she has called her mother. She apologizes to everyone on Shilpa’s behalf and asks her to be strong. Arshi doesn’t go to even meet her. Priyank’s girlfriend Divya comes to meet him and tells him that he has disrespected many women inside and outside the house. She said that she doesn’t feel important in his life. She said that she has already decided to part ways with him. She tells Priyank that he has lost his mind. She runs out of the house before Priyank got a chance to meet her. Vikas calls Priyank’s crying a drama. He says that this is his modus-operandi in every show.

10:45-11:00 Arshi’s father comes into the Bigg Boss next and talks to every one personally. With a smile on his face, he calls Shilpa by Hina’s name. Then realizes his mistake when he meets Hina. He apologizes to Shilpa and tells her that she is going strong. He instructs Arshi to change her hairstyle and to talk to Salman with respect. Arshi introduces Vikas as her best friend and her father jokes on his name.

10:30-10:45 Sevak task continues and all the men get to the service of women. The kitchen becomes a battle ground for men as they struggle to survive. Bigg Boss announces the new luxury budget task and names it freeze. All the contestants are asked to freeze on Bigg Boss’s orders and release when he says. The contestants guess that someone from every one’s family will visit and this week will get even more emotional.

Shilpa and Vikas talk to each other and say that they will get even more emotionally feeble. On the first order of freezing, Puneesh’s father comes and compliments Shilpa. He says that Puneesh’s mother would like to meet her first. He asks Hina not to cry anymore because everyone is tired of her tears.

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