Bigg Boss 11 is turning head with the emotional up and downs. Sine the family members are staying in the padosis house, it is a tough time for the members. Bigg Boss will give an opportunity to the housemates to meet their family members and we are in for a tearful ride tonight.

11:15-11:30 After Akash’s mother visits, Shilpa gets worried for her. Shilpa says that it might be a struggle for her to deal with Akash. Last but not the least the Goochi Poo enter’s and Vikas hides behind the pillar to surprise her. His mother keeps kissing his cheeks and he makes her sit on his lap. He lifts her up in his arms and leaves her at the door.

11:00-11:15 Luv meets his mother and they both cry their heart out. Bigg Boss’s journey was a dream for Luv and his mother made it a point that she asks him to live his dream to the fullest. Bandgi comes in next and she meets Puneesh as if they were separated since ages. They kiss each other goodbye and housemates ask her to take Puneesh with her.  Hina’s turn comes next and Shilpa starts to mimic her once again. Rocky tells her that she can win the show if she keeps her emotions in check. Shilpa sheds two tears after she meets her brother and becomes a target for being emotional.

10:45-11:00 Shilpa’s brother tells everyone that when his father passed away, Shilpa left the venue when she knew he was coming. She was strong headed till the time no one was around to give strength to her family. Bigg Boss gives everyone the opportunity to meet their family members. Priyank meets his mother first and he sobs like a little child. His mother tells him that she is so proud of him. He apologizes to her for making some blunders on the show.

10:30-10:45 The show starts with Shilpa Shinde saying that she pities Vikas Gupta and the condition he is in. She gloats about the fact that she did everything she intended to do to him and entertained the audience at the same time. It is Vikas’s karma and it has to come back to him. Bigg Boss announces the next task wherein everyone has to wrap up a gift for their family member.

Everyone packs up their favorite things and Shilpa gets emotional which giving her brother a picture of her family where she draws her father with a pen. Vikas gives his mom the ring which his mother gave to him 8 years ago. Hina and Puneesh packs up the gifts with loads of affection and it gets tough for the family members to evaluate.

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