Bigg Boss 11 has now become a game of survival and with the tasks given by Bigg Boss the battle ground has become more and more intense. This week for the captaincy task, Bigg Boss has made a farm with the contestants having eggs of their own. Saving the eggs till the buzzer means contender ship for captaincy. After Priyank got chosen for captaincy, today’s game starts with Shilpa’s egg.

11:00-11:15 Priyank gets furious with Hina and says that she has no right to comment on someone else’s dressing sense. Vikas cries and tells Priyank that he was just trying to cheer him up and Hina made him feel ugly. He says that he thinks Akash is even more good looking than him. Puneesh tells everyone about the drama Vikas is creating. Akash decides to go inside and mock Vikas even more.

10:45-11:00 Vikas and Priyank’s friendship continue to raise the eyebrows of many. Shilpa and Akash talk about how they are great friends after Hiten’s eviction. Hina and Priyank drift further apart when Priyank makes an attempt to talk to her. She asks Priyank if he is still the same as before. She asks Priyank to start making some time for them. She says that he is having a group of his own and he is busy catering to them now.

For a change Vikas gets dressed up in formals from top to toe and the housemates start mocking him. Hina wishes him luck for the interview and Vikas gets irritated with the mockery of his way to uplift his mood. He asks Hina not to comment on his clothes because she won’t like it when he will return the favor. Arshi and Puneesh come to help Vikas with his argument. Vikas breaks into tears and Puneesh asks him not to get disheartened with the filthy comments of Hina khan.

10:30-10:45 Vikas convinces Arshi not to break and throw Shilpa’s egg and give her a chance to atleast try to be the captain. Arshi understands even though Akash keeps instigating her. Shilpa becomes one more contender and the game ends. The final contenders for the race of captaincy are Hina, Shilpa, Priyank and Luv.

Vikas and Priyank talk to each other and Vikas says that Shilpa now knows that he is aware of her stand against him. he says that she has now started mingling with Hina and the old friendship is back even though he supported her in the task for captaincy. Vikas says that Shilpa has a tendency to play the victim. Akash says that there are six women in the house. Arshi, Shilpa, Hina and Vikas, Priyank and Luv. Only two mards, Akash and Puneesh. Vikas expresses his insecurities in front of Priyank and says that he will be left alone if Arshi and him will leave.

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