Bigg Boss 11  has now entered it’s eleventh week and things couldn’t be more exiting. After an emotional week, it’s obvious that this week will be all the more fun for viewers because Bigg Boss will add a terrific task ka tadka. The nominations are due for today and it is yet to be seen how the contestants take their revenge from each other in the nominations.

11:00-11:15 Akash assures Hiten that Arshi would definitely save him and his team. He threatens Arshi that he would ruin her life if she doesn’t save him. On the very first gong, Arshi cuts Akash’s balloon and destroys the possibility of any confusion and chaos. On the next gong, she cuts Hina’s balloon. Shilpa goes next and Arshi tells Hiten that he would make Vikas weep this time.  In the end she takes her revenge from Hiten and nominates his entire team. Priyank, Hiten, Luv and Shilpa.

10:45-11:00 Bigg Boss announces the nomination task and the house gets divided into two teams of red and blue. Arshi gets the power of nominating the contestants by breaking the apples. The team with most apples lost gets nominated. Arshi suddenly starts riding a high horse and asks Shilpa to come and lead to her for saving her. Red team has Priyank, Luv, Hiten  and Shilpa and Blue team has Akash, Hina, Puneesh, Vikas.

10:30-10:45 Vikas and Hiten talk to each other. Hiten lied to the housemates that he saved Arshi from the nominations and Vikas tells him that he made a mistake this time. Arshi says that Hiten is a nobody for him and she doesn’t know him anymore. Shilpa and Puneesh gossip at Hiten’s situation. Shilpa says that Hiten should take a stand and should not play these kind of games. Hina and Luv Tyagi keep drifting apart. Luv blames her and Priyank for not saving him. Hina tries to solve but Luv doesn’t budge. Luv comes to the camera and says that he is just being overdramatic and will resolve his issues with his friends very soon.

Luv leaves a letter saying get well soon Hina for her. Priyank tells Hina that Luv has a soft corner for her. Hina says that he is a human too and is entitled to his emotions and his feelings. Hina apologizes to Luv once again at night and Luv refuses to talk to her till the time she starts crying.

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