Bigg Boss 11 is inching toward’s finale and the four contestants nominated this week got a chance to visit a mall and ask for votes. The contestants will now be given a chance from by host Salman Khan to count their own votes. The weekend ka vaar episode will see Rani Mukerji as special guest. She will not only enter the house, but will also play some funny tasks with Salman. Host Salman Khan will also be seen questioning the actors about their decision to choose Akash as the most popular contestant. Rani will play some interesting tasks with the housemates and will also dance with Salman Khan.
10:12PM: He also comments that Shilpa Shinde is faking to be a good person which she is actually not.

10:09PM: After Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta goes for the activity and answers with dishonesty. Vikas Gupta feels that Shilpa Shinde is the most dishonest contestants.

10:00PM: Hina Khan is the nest one to go she feels that Shilpa’s cooking style is unhygienic.

9:49PM: Shilpa is the first one to go, she answers the most number of right answers. She thinks that Hina lies most of the time. After Shilpa Puneesh goes and he answers that Shilpa always flips.

9:47PM: Rani Mukerji makes an exit. Salman Khan then enters the house through ‘ME TV’. He announces that now they will have to go into the activity area where they have to answer few questions with honesty. With each correct answer, the green colour liquid falls on them.

9:42PM: Salman Khan and Rani Mukerji play an interesting game where Rani is seen taking Salman’s memory test.

9:37PM: Rani Mukerji praises Salman Khan and says that he is the best host and no one else can host Bigg Boss better than him

9:35PM: Salman Khan greets Rani Mukerji on stage and they start pulling each other’s leg. She asks him to become a father soon.

9:30PM: Salman Khan gives the contestants some props, and ask them to rank who they think should be in 1 to 6.

9:29PM: All the contestants come to conclusion that since they all not wanted to get into an argument with Akash Dadlani, they all ranked Akash Dadlani on number one position.

9:27PM: Salman questions the three celebrities that why they gave up the top three positions.

9:25PM: Salman Khan tells Akash Dadlani that if he is thinking that the celebrities visiting the house will remember him, he is ready to lose anything.

9:20PM: Salman Khan slams Akash Dadlani for his behaviour. He tells him that he should not try this out of the house otherwise they will beat him up.

9:18PM: Rani Mukerji makes an exit from the house. After she leaves, Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta are seen back-biting about Shilpa Shinde that since she has not studies, she has this mentality that girls are weaker than boys.

9:13PM: Rani Mukerji compliments Shilpa Shinde that she reminds her of Manisha Koirala. She enacts as Hina Khan and tells that she is perfect.

9:11PM: Hina Khan acts as Shilpa Shinde and indirectly taunts that Shilpa Shinde only cooks in the house. She does nothing except cooking and fakes to be a good person.

9:05PM: Salman shows the video, where housemates are seen behaving like other housemates. Shilpa is seen crying as Hina and tells RO please take me home. Rani Mukerji enters the house as a special guest.

9:02PM: Salman Khan makes an entry on the stage and greets viewers. He announces about the 4 nominated contestants and tells the audience that the housemates are given tag with other contestants name. They have to behave the way the other contestants behave.

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