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Bigg Boss 11, Day 91 Highlights: Hina is mad at Luv for his comments


In this episode of Bigg Boss 11, comedian Balraj Syal will enter the house to entertain the contestants. The contestants will have their new year celebrations tonight.
Balraj will have a fun segment with the contestants where he will show them awkward pictures of their moments in the house. Keep reading this space for more updates from the episode.

10:30PM: Hina sits by herself and talks about why she is depressed. Hina says that Shilpa has more voters than her and hence she is sad. Hina asks Luv why he feels she is bossy. Hina says that Luv has a big ego but doesn’t react. Hina tells Luv that he is her only friend and him calling her bossy really hurt her.

10:10PM: The last award is for the most edgy contestant and the award goes to Akash. Akash gets a gift hamper for this award. The contestants think that Shilpa should have won the flip award. Bigg Boss sends fruit champagne and cake for the contestants and they celebrate the new year. Salman takes a leave from the stage and the contestants pop open the Champagne. All of them dance and feed each other cake.

10:05PM: Luv gets the Double Dholki award. The next award is for the Paagal Premi couple and the winners are Akash and Puneesh. Salman pulls Puneesh’s leg by saying that Bandagi has found someone else now. The next award is the all knowing person award. The nominees of the award are Vikas, and Hina. Vikas wins the award. The next award is for the Drama queen of the house and Hina wins this one.

9:47PM: Akash wins the most flip contestant award as well. The next award is the Double Dholki award.

9:45PM: Balraj then calls Hina and Puneesh on the hot seat and pulls their leg. He asks Puneesh questions about his temper and then makes a joke on his smile. Balraj then takes their leave and leaves the house. Salman then addresses the contestants. Salman says Bigg Boss will be giving awards to the contestants. The first award is for the person who picked the most fights. Hina and Akash are nominated for this award. Akash wins the award.

9:40PM: Balraj calls Shilpa and VIkas on the hot seats and then makes fun of them while asking questions. He also makes fun of Hina and all of them take it sportingly. He asks Shilpa why she spanked so many people in the house. She then spanks Balraj as well. He makes Akash sit on the slapping chair and plays the game.

9:35PM: Balraj tells them that Virat and Anushka got married recently. He makes jokes on all the contestants. He then shows them awkward photos from the house. The first picture is of Akash in tiny shorts and nothing else. The next picture is of Vikas who looks very depressed. The next picture is of Hina brushing her teeth. The next picture is of Vikas and Puneesh belly dancing.

9:30PM: Puneesh does the first raid and scores a point. Vikas also scores a point for his team. Luv fails to raid and then Akash scores a point. Shilpa goes for the next raid but is pinned down by Akash. Hina goes in for a raid and scores a point despite Luv grabbing her. Hina’s team wins the match. Salman gives the winning team medals and Hina gets overjoyed. Balraj Syal enters the house and everyone greets him. He praises Shilpa for losing weight.

9:25PM: Salman says that all the contestants will be going in the Akhada. Shilpa and Hina picks their team. The red team has Puneesh Shilpa and Luv. Hina, Akash and Vikas are in the blue team. Akash and Puneesh rap for Salman Khan and wish him a belated birthday. He tells them the rules of the Kabbadi game.

9:20PM: The three of them perform a play in which they pretend to be in a love triangle. Shilpa and Hina pretend to fight while Vikas tries to stop them. Hina and Shilpa push Vikas away and pretend to be in love with each other. The caller of the week asks Shilpa why she thinks VIkas will be eliminated before the finale. Salman makes fun of them again.

9:15PM: Akash asks Puneesh to read his resolution. Puneesh makes fun of him and reads out the rest of his resolutions. Akash has a lot of fun resolutions given to him. Puneesh then reads out his own resolutions that the contestants have given to him. Salman then pulls Hina and Vikas’s legs when they are about to perform their act.
9:10PM: Salman tells them to open their chits and read them. Vikas reads his resolutions which are about his crying and bathing habits. Vikas says that he has tried to motivate Luv the most in the house. Shilpa then reads her resolutions and Salman pulls her legs. Vikas reads the resolution that he wrote for Shilpa. Salman makes fun of VIkas and Shilpa for blushing. Salman also gives her a few life lessons.

9:05PM: Salman Khan enters the stage dancing to a mix of his best songs. Salman greets the audience and looks dapper in an all black outfit. Salman shows the house that has been decorated. The contestants get excited to see the decoration of the house. Salman greets them and says that Priyank has been talking bad about them after getting out of the house. Salman sends Puneesh to the store room and brings out bottles containing chits. Salman praises Shilpa for her looks.

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