In this episode of Bigg Boss 11, The captaincy task will lead to a lot of drama in the house. In the preview, it is seen that Vikas Gupta influences Puneesh and he refuses to vote for Akash.

Akash is seriously offended by this and goes crazy. He says that he has no friends in the house. Akash says that he wants to leave the house and will act like a dead man now.

11:20PM: Priyank dances in the lawn and Arshi asks him what is he up to. He mocks and makes fun of Arshi. Priyank picks up the next spray can and darkens Arshi’s face. He talks about everything Arshi has said to him and sprays her picture. He keeps saying I hate you Arshi Khan while spraying her picture. Puneesh and Vikas say that Priyank had insulted himself. Akash tries to convince Puneesh to darken Hiten’s face. Puneesh doesnt agree with him. Akash wants Puneesh to make him the captain. Akash has done a lot for Puneesh and wants him to return the favor.

11:15PM: Bigg Boss sets up boards in the lawn and keeps spray on the task. The contestants will have to darken the face of the contestant that they think doesn’t deserve to be the captain. Vikas and Shilpa discuss their game plan for the task and they decide that Hiten should be the captain. Luv reaches for the first spray paint and paints Vikas’s face.

11:10PM: Priyank and Luv ask Hina why she gave up her chance for Shilpa. The contestants decide to re-vote. Hina is amused that Akash and Hiten have changed their vote and have selected Shilpa instead who did nothing in the task compared to Hina. Priyank makes fun of Shilpa and Arshi and says they are fat and they cant perform in a task. Priyank gets angry at Hiten and calls him a Bimbo.

11:05PM: Akash tries to convince Hiten to support him for captaincy. They mock him and make fun of him. Akash then goes to Hina and convinces her to vote for him. He then talks to Luv and Puneesh and asks them to vote for him. The contestants gather in the living area and have to decide their candidates for captaincy. Bigg Boss asks them to select 5 names for captaincy. Akash, Vikas, Arshi, Shilpa and Hiten. Hina says that she is stepping back and letting Shilpa contest for captaincy.

11:00PM: Vikas and Bandagi take court sessions again and Vikas sasks Hiten why he wanted to divorce Arshi. Vikas plays the case well and Hiten says he doesnt want a divorce. Vikas gets happy and Jumps. The contestants wake up to the song Tu Kheech Meri Photo. Hina’s group discuss and come to the conclusion that they wont support Akash for captaincy.

10:55PM: Puneesh calls Sapna an illiterate and says that her value is zero. Sapna tells him to shut his mouth. Bigg Boss has to intervene and make them sit in their places. Bigg Boss says that the since the Judges couldn’t come to a decision, the contestants have lost the task. Sapna and Bandagi end up in a war of words. Hina talks about how Vikas is wrong. Bandagi makes a comment on Sapna. Luv and Priyank get offended. Vikas tells Hiten that Hina is accusing him of touching her.
10:40PM: Hina tells Sapna that they need to win this round any way. Bigg Boss asks the judges to announce the results of the court sessions. Bandagi and Sapna discuss who should win. Their discussions gets intense and they start arguing over who should win. Sapna favours Hiten’s team while Bandagi vouches for Arshi’s team. Puneesh and Sapna start arguing over allegations.
10:35PM: Vikas talks to the judges and says that Sapna has decided to make Hina win. Arshi says that Sapna is targetting her personally. Puneesh says that they will fight the case again. Sapna warns Arshi not to cross her as she is the judge. Shilpa calls Sapna an illiterate woman and makes fun of her. Hina apologizes to her parents and is sad that they have to hear all this. Bandagi says that Sapna is targetting Vikas and Arshi
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