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Bigg Boss 11 Day 38 Oct 08 – Live updates

In this episode of Bigg Boss 11, the housemates are split into two teams after Akash and Benafsha’s fight. Bigg Boss also introduces the luxury budget task in which the contestants will have to sit in a spaceship as astronauts.

During the task, Arshi and Benafsha will end up fighting. The luxury budget task will also affect the prize money of the show. Keep watching this space for more updates from this episode.

10:28PM: Puneesh announces how much money all of them were worth. Hina Khan breaks down. She is sad because her plan led to the prize money becoming Zero.

11:20PM: Shilpa finds the apple pie container in the bathroom. Bigg Boss calls everyone in the living area and tells them that they have failed the task and the prize money is zero.

11:15PM: Akash teases Benafsha and they argue while lying in the bed. Akash bring up her smell incident and Benafsha retaliates with insults. Benafsha hides the apple pie container with clothes and takes it away from the rocket.

11:12PM: Benafsha steps out of the rocket when the buzzer rings and 10,000 have been deducted.

11:10PM: Hiten also picks up apple pie from the kitchen and brings it in the rocket. the contestants silently laugh and make fun of Puneesh. The contestants wake up to the song Pocket Me Rocket. Puneesh comes to the rocket and says that the buzzer has been off for a while now. Shilpa says that someone must have come in at night as the washroom was dirty.

11:07PM: Puneesh sleeps while Luv and Sapna use the washroom and Sapna even changes her clothes. Hiten also sneaks in and uses the washroom.

11:05PM: Priyank also escapes from the rocket to pee while Puneesh sleeps in the living area. Priyank, VIkas and Hina jump out of the rocket. the boys cover Hina with a sheet and she urinates in the lawn.

10:55PM: Hina asks Puneesh for blankets and VIkas asks for a trashcan to pee in. Vikas pees in the trash bag and discards him. Puneesh applauds for him.

10:52PM: The contestants in the rocket plan how they will make Puneesh lose the task. They plan to escape the rocket and pee.

10:50PM: Puneesh ignores his duties and kisses Bandagi in the bedroom. They get under a sheet and cover themselves up. Hina and Hiten discuss how Shilpa would make a bad captain. Puneesh instigates Shilpa against Hina.

10:47PM: Akash jumps out of the rocket and he is followed by Arshi and Shilpa. Mehjabee also gives up and gets out of the rocket. Almost 20 lacs are deducted from the prize money.

10:45PM: Arshi talks about the celebrities. Hina says that Arshi will have to tear her clothes to get work outside the house. Bandagi jumps out of the rocket as soon as the buzzer rings. The contestants look for Puneesh as he is the Sanchalak but he is busy getting intimate with Bandagi in the bedroom area.

10:42PM: Luv acts like Akash and the contestants laugh at Akash. Arshi defends Akash and they try to be loud but no one gives them any recognition.

10:40PM: The contestants dress as astronauts and then sit in the rocket. Bandagi discusses with Puneesh that she will jump out of the rocket first. Sabyasachi gets out of the rocket first and becomes eligible for captaincy.

10:37PM: Hiten reads out the luxury budget task given by Bigg Boss that is Mission BB11. This task will directly affect the prize money.
10:35PM: Benafsha defends Puneesh and makes allegations on Priyank. Priyank says that Puneesh will pay for spitting on his T-shirt. Luv makes faces and tells Akash to leave.
10:32PM: Luv tells Akash if he calls him a doggie, he will shave off his head. Puneesh calls Priyank his pet dog and picks a fight. Puneesh spits on Priyank and Luv gets angry.
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