After a fun-filled weekend ka vaar, housemates gear up for a stressful Monday as it bring nominations. Five contestants got nominated today. Captain Puneesh Sharma was asked to choose 8 names for nomination. And contestnts were asked to nominate between these 8 contestants. The episode will also see an ugly fight between Arshi Khan and Priyank Sharma. Priyank called Arshi a shameless woman and even stated that she roams around naked. This irked Arshi.
11:20PM: Akash and Benafsha have a conversation in the washroom area and then decide to be friends. Priyank and Hina make fun of akash along with Benafsha.

11:15PM: Shilpa has a laugh after watching all the nominations and causes a stir in the house. Shilpa tells Benafsh what Akash spoke when he nominated her. Benafsha says that she will kill Akash outside the house. The contestants talk about how dirty minded Akash is because and how he talks about women’s bodies.

11:10PM: Bigg Boss then anounces the nominated contestants. Priyank, Benafsha, Sabyasachi, Sapna and Mehjabee. Luv tells Sabyashachi to release his inner animal in the task to be safe in the house. Bigg Boss calls Shilpa in the activity area and see the entire nomination procedure.

11:07PM: The contestants nominate Priyank because they feel that they he is bringing news from outside the house even though bigg boss warned him.

11:05PM: The contestants fo in one by one and nominate the people out of the chosen names. Sabyasachi has the maximum votes so far. and Sapna follows.

11:02PM: Bigg Boss says that he wants the contestants to nominate people out of the 7 chosen names. Vikas is called in the confession room, then Bandagi goes in.

10:52PM: Shilpa is announced as the winner of the task and Shilpa is saved from nominations. Bigg Boss then asks Puneesh to select 7 people that are boring to the audience. He chooses Benafsha, Luv, Sabyasachi, Priyank, Sapna, Mehjabee and Hiten.

10:50PM: Luv tells Hina that Akash and Arshi called him Hina’s pet. Hina is shocked and says that they are jealous of them. Priyank also joins the discussion. Bigg Boss announces the task that will save them from nominations.

10:47PM: Akash and Bandagi start fighting and Priyank warns Akash no to use his hands. Akash and Arshi get happy for causing trouble.

10:45PM: Arshi talks to Vikas and starts crying in the washroom. Akash tries to pick a fight with Arshi and Hina. Puneesh says that Hina is controlling Puneesh like a puppet. Akash and Arshi taunt her with the same. Akash calls Priyank Hina’s doggie.

10:42PM: Hina tells Priyank that he played his game well and taunted Arshi. Arshi keeps shouting in the house and says that Priyank is doing this for footage. Priyank is having fun teasing her.

10:40PM: Arshi takes her mic off and asks Bigg Boss to call her in the Bigg Boss house. Arshi keeps getting angry and Priyank laughs.

10:37PM: Arshi and Priyank’s fight starts. Arshi is mad at him because he bought news from the outside world inside the house.

10:35PM: The contestants wake up to the song Jumma Chumma. this seemed like Bigg Boss was taunting Puneesh and Bandagi. Bandagi understand the taunt and then discusses with Puneesh that a camera saw them and Puneesh kisses her cheeks. Priyank and Hina talk about how Puneesh and Bandagi were getting it on last night.

10:32PM: Puneesh and Bandagi get under a sheet and have their pillow talk. Benafsha and Priyank talk about Bandagi while sitting in the lawn.

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