In this episode of Bigg Boss 11, Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde shout at Vikas Gupta and want him to go in the jail. Vikas also tries to escape from the house because of all the drama.

Arshi Khan also challenges Hina Khan to put her in the jail. There is also a funny scene when Arshi troubles Akash by the dining table and everyone has a laugh. Keep watching this space for more updates from this episode.

11:17PM: Priyank looses his cool on Akash while Akash stays calm. Priyank would have beaten him up if hiten wouldnt have caught him. Vikas tells Priyank that he can fight his own battles.

11:15PM: VIkas asks Shilpa to tell in front of everyone what wrong he did with her. Vikas says that he wants to clarify. Vikas talks about what went down during the Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai controversy.

11:12PM: Shilpa apologizes to Vikas for her remarks and tells him not to take his anger out on on the food.

11:10PM: Vikas goes back in the jail and calls Shilpa in the confession room. Bigg Boss talks to Shilpa about making comments on Vikas’s pasts. Shilpa promises that she wont trouble him. Bigg Boss asks her to behave. Shilpa takes food for Vikas who is in the jail.

11:07PM: Bigg Boss tells him that he is playing the game well. Bigg Boss consoles vikas and tells him to go back in the house. Shilpa taunts Vikas about going in the jail.

11:05PM: The housemates try to listen to what he is saying and Arshi consoles him. Bigg Boss asks Vikas to come in the confession room. Vikas says that he cant stand Shilpa and he is done. He says that he wants to quit the game. He cant take the torcher that Shilpa and Akash are doing on him.

11:02PM: Mehjabee and Arshi try to stop him but he doesnt listen. Bigg Boss stops him and makes him get back in the jail. Vikas says that he wants to leave the show.

10:55PM: Shilpa and Akash sit outside the jail and tease VIkas while rapping a song for him. Shilpa doesnt let Vikas sleep. Vikas says he is fed up and tries to escape from the jail.

10:52PM: Shilpa taunts Vikas that he scares everyone and wins the task and she teases him for going to the jail.

10:50PM: Arshi gets angry as Hina suggested her name. Vikas asks luv why he hasnt taken any other names. Luv also takes Vikas name and Mehjabee and Vikas will be sent to the jail. Luv uses his captainship rights and sends Arshi to the jail.

10:47PM: Shilpa Shinde gets annoyed and throws ehr bottle and Arshi teases her. Shilpa is angry at Vikas Gupta and his cheap tricks.

10:45PM: The housemates are still discussing who should go in the jail. Hina says that even though Vikas won the task, he deserves to go to the jail. Shilpa Vikas that he dare touch her again.

10:42PM: The housemates have a heated discussion about how VIkas and Shilpa should also be sent to the jail. For a change, everyone has ganged up against Arshi but Puneesh and Bandagi are not really arguing.

10:40PM: Bigg Boss asks the contestants to decide two contestants that will be sent to the jail. He also said that the jailed people will only get food two times and nothing else. Hina and the housemates want Arshi to go in the jail but she challenges them that she will not go in the jail.

10:37PM: Priyank also goes against Vikas. Arshi sleeps on the floor and brooms it in a sensual way. Bigg Boss tells the team that they performed well in the cushion task. But their luxury budget is zero.

10:35PM: Vikas says that everyone gangs up on him. Then Shilpa and Sapna make fun of him in the lawn

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