In This episode of Bigg Boss The contestants will have to face a new format of Nominations. After a lot of arguements, Luv Tyagi will become the new captain of the house. Stay tuned for more updates from the episodes.

1 1:25PM : Hina tells the contestants how she made Puneesh beg to her. She tells them that she made Puneesh apologize to her and her parents. The contestants talk about how Pooja may have fallen for luv.

11:18PM : Bigg Boss announces the nominated contestants. Bigg Boss then talks about Priyank. Since Priyank spoke about the outside world, Bigg Boss decides to punish him. Bigg Boss gives him a final warning and nominates him.

11:14PM: Pooja nominates herself and saves Arshi. Bandagi and Benafsha are then called in for nominations. Benafsha and Bandagi take a lot of time to decide who should be nominated and both of them get nominated.

11:09PM: Bigg Boss calls Hina and Puneesh in the house and Puneesh begs her to nominate herself and tries to persuade her. Hina gives in and nominates herself.

11:07PM: Sapna and Vikas are called in for nominations and they discuss who should get nominated. Sapna nominates herself.

11:04PM: Vikas tells Priyank that he shouldn’t have spoken about the outside world in the house and he has broken a rule. Bigg Boss calls Hiten and Priyank for the nominations. Hiten nominates himself as Priyank has just entered the house and should stay.

10:55PM: Shilpa and Akash are called inside the confession room. Shilpa and Akash talk and Shilpa nominates herself as she thinks that the audience will save her.

10:52PM: Hina tells Priyank and Ben that they came in to the house and then they should be prepared for the worst that Vikas is not. Other contestants like Bandagi, Arshi and Puneesh are seen talking about Vikas.

10:50PM: Priyank,VIkas, Hina, Hiten and Ben talk about how Shilpa has no censor and talks without thinking. they think that she needs to calm down.

10:47PM: Bigg Boss calls Mehjabee and Sabyasachi for nominations. He tells them that they have to mutually decide who gets nominated out of the two. Sabyasachi nominates himself.

10:45PM: Akash tells Pooja that she shouldn’t be sad. Akash tries to blackmail Pooja but she gets angry and shouts at him.

10:43PM: Arshi tries to tease Shilpa and then Shilpa and Sapna smartly insult her. Arshi tells Hiten not to do the chores and they both will go to the jail. Hiten says that he is not crazy.

10:40PM: Bandagi and Puneesh talk about how Luv defeated her. The contestants wake up to the song Ek Main Aur Ek Tu.

10:38PM: Bandagi and Luv try to trouble each other so that one of them lets go of the ring. Luv pulls the ring and Bandagi holds on to it. Bandagi;s ring breaks and Luv becomes the new captain.

10:35PM: Sapna asks for socks and no one refuses to help her. She convinces Luv and Bandagi to go with her. She accidently breaks her band and is eliminated from the captaincy task.

10:32PM: Bigg Boss asks the contestants for another name to be made the captain, the contestants chose Sapna and she is tied to the ring.


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