Bigg Boss 11 has been the talk of the town ever since it kick-stared. The show has invited an array of controversies in a short span of just 17 days. The Vikas Gupta-Shilpa Shinde saga now seems to be melting down as the two are seen letting bygones be bygones. To know all that happens in today’s episode, watch the space below.

11:20 PM: Bandagi and Puneesh talk to each other at night saying that they too want their gifts.

11:07 PM: Vikas and Hina are the next ones to guess it right. Shilpa too guesses it right. They get their gifts.

10:59 PM: Sabysachi and Mehjbin lose out on the chance because they guess it wrong and do not get the gifts. Mejhbin breaks down.
10: 55 pm: Sapna, Arshi and Hiten guess their messages right and get the gifts sent by the families.
10:49 PM: Bigg Boss then decorates the garden area with photos of the contestant’s family members. The task given is where the contestants have to guess the message sewnt by the family for their respective contestant member. The message will be displayed on screen and the housemates have to guess for whose family is the respective message.
10:43 PM: Vikas refuses to come out of the jail when Bigg Boss asks Puneesh to set them free. But later comes out.
10: 40 PM: Bigg Boss, the next morniing decorates the garden area and plays the Happy Diwali song.
10:35 PM: Hina and Arshi get into a war of wiords; Arshi picks up her footwear to hit Hina. Hina gets angry and Arshi spits at her from the jail.
10: 33 PM: Arshi and Vikas get upset and cry out of gulit.
10:31 PM: BB announces that Vikas Gupta- Arshi Khan and Jyoti Pandey running away from jail has affected their luxury budget points.


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