In this episode of Bigg Boss 11, Akash Dadlani gets into a fight with Vikas Gupta and calls him a Kaamchor. Bandagi advises Puneesh and it causes a rift between them. Puneesh then makes it up to her and later makes her smile and eat food. Bigg Boss introduces the new luxury Budget task.

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10:34PM: Akash and Puneet get frustrated with their nomination and start calling Vikas Kaamchor and then start shouting things against them.

10:36PM: Benafsha and Jyoti try to take Vikas’s side but Akash and Puneet shout at them as well and keep teasing Vikas. They start acting weird and the housemates get worried.

10:40PM: Vikas and Shilpa talk in the kitchen about distributing work equally. Shilpa tells Vikas not to talk about groups in the house.

10:42PM: the housemates discuss about the incident and how Akash needs to calm down.

10:43PM: The house wakes up to the song ‘Munda Kamal Hai’.
10:45PM: Benafsha cleans the house and Akash teases her by rapping. Vikas discusses with Bandagi that Akash gets angry and throws tantrums for no reason.

10:47PM: Bandagi tells Puneesh that Vikas will have to put him in the jail and Puneesh confronts him. Bandagi gets mad and refuses to eat. Puneesh sits and tries to make her eat.

10:49PM: Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde talk about how the whole controversy about when she had to quit Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai. Vikas tells her her that he is sorry for whatever he did. He hugs Shilpa and kisses her on the head. Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task.

10:50PM: Akash and Puneesh use eggs, Sand, ice, spray, insects and sawdust on Bandagi and Vikas. Akash throws milk on him. Something goes in Vikas’s eyes and then vikas accidentaly pushes Puneesh by mistake.

10:55PM: Akash and Puneesh trouble Benafsha and say that they will face the double of this and they should trouble her as much as possible.

10:57PM: Arshi and Jyoti console Vikas and he is called in the confession room for a checkup.Vikas comes out with a dressing on hi eye. Benafshaalso gets up and shouts to Bigg Boss for a fair decision.

 11:04PM: Puneesh and Akash trouble Mehjabee by pouring ice cold water on her. She shouts at first and then starts crying. Mehjabee tells Arshi that she will show her place.
11:07PM: Shilpa smacks Vikas by accident and he retaliates. Puneesh and Luv stand up to him. Sapna refuses from backing out of the task.
11:09PM: Everyone tells Sapna to back out as they are not against her. Puneesh finally throws water on her face and she backs out.
11:12PM: Hina Khan sings her favourite song Lag Jaa Gale to stay strong as ice cold water and sawdust is thrown on her.
11:15PM: Hina doesnt move from her stand. Arshi rubs ice on Hiten and he backs out. Hina Khan is the last one to get off the pedestal


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