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Bigg Boss 11 Day 12 – Captain wants to shut Hina in jail

The 12th episode of ‘Bigg Boss Season 11’, which will be telecasting on Friday night, will be started by Panel Discussion, where News Anchor Sourav Sharma, TV Actress Sargun Mehta and Manu Punjabi, who were part of the previous season, opened the pole of members of the house and many of them Interesting talks will appear. Vikas Gupta is winner in the captain-ship battle between Punish and Vikas and the first captain of the house is declared. And with this, taking advantage of the privilege of becoming a Captain, assigns the work to the rest of the household.

The Big Boss gives a special right to  the Captain, according to which he has to send a contestant of the house to the Dungeon. Without further discussions, the Vikas Gupta nominates TV Actress Hina Khan to spend the night in Dungeon.

After being nominated, Hina accuses her of being a Kamchore Captain, and says that Vikas is not worthy of becoming a captain. Earlier, Hina and Vikas to be a close friend and supported everything she did, but now the animosity of the two seems to be increasing.

As Vikas Gupta becomes the captain of the house, his behavior changes with Shilpa Shinde. And the friendship of Shilpa and Vikas is a new beginning. Shilpa advises to calm and improve his mood. On one hand, Shilpa and the animosity of Vikas are changing in friendship, and on the other side, a fight between Shilpa and Arshi Khan starts. Shilpa accuses Arshi of spreading dirt and lying in the house.

Between all the fights in the house, all the members gather in the Garden Area and Humming their favorite songs. In the meantime, Sabyasachi stand up to give a performance on the song of Madhuri Dixit “Maar dala..” . On his sizzling performance all of the house contestants and neighbors cheer to him. In the end, the house and the neighbors are ordered to nominate one member to lock in the dungeon.

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