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Bigg Boss 11 30th November 2017 Episode 61 Live updates: Vikas Gupta feels Shilpa Shinde is the strongest contestant

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 begins with Hina Khan crying and complaining to Vikas Gupta about her hair. Bandagi Kalra cut her hair during the task and Hina blames Vikas that he allowed her to do it as he was the sanchalak of the task. Priyank Sharma also joins the conversation and says that no one can talk to Vikas since he always talks to people on a high pitch. As Vikas walks out on them, Priyank run towards him and piggy backs on him and later hugs him. Vikas asks him to get down and told him things cannot be as per his convenience. Priyank starts crying, after which they both patch up.

Cut to next morning, the contestants wake up to the song, Dhating Naach. Arshi Khan sees Shilpa Shinde walking in the house in anger and asks Hina Khan why is she so angry on her. Arshi tells Hina that she used to talk to her, then what went wrong and Hina tells her that it happened suddenly. Hina and Arshi think that Shilpa has become stone-hearted because of what all she has faced in her life.

Bigg Boss announces that it’s time to pick the contestants, who will go the kaal kothri this week. Since Vikas and Priyank were the sanchalaks during the task, they are safe. The housemates are asked to unanimously decide and pick three contestants, who will go in the jail this time. When housemates pick Bandagi and Puneesh, she refuses to go in the jail and walks out of the living area. It is during this, Akash compares Puneesh to Swami Om, and they both get into a massive argument.

Bigg Boss asks the contestants their decision and Hiten tells that they haven’t come to a decision, but majority thinks that Puneesh, Bandagi and Arshi should go to kaal kothri. Bigg Boss asks the three to go to jail and orders Hiten to lock them in the kaal kothri, but Puneesh refuses to. Shilpa tells Puneesh that he has to go, since she was also sent in the first week like this. But Puneesh is adamant, and doesn’t want to go to kaal kothri. Vikas also convinces Puneesh and Bandagi to go to jail and come out and play stronger.

After Bigg Boss warns Puneesh and Bandagi to go to jail otherwise they will have to bear serious repercussions, they both go in the jail along with Arshi, who is locked in kall kothri on her birthday.

Akash tells Shilpa that karma will come to her once she is out of the house. He tells her that God is watching everything. Vikas tells Hina in the bedroom that Shilpa is the strongest contestant inside the house. She is also his favourite contestant and is quite impressed with her even though she tortured him so much.

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