Bigg Boss 11 is one of the most controversial shows especially this season! However, Weekend Ka Var’s are always a fun treat for all the BB 11 fans to watch, courtesy the host of the show- Salman Khan. All that happens in the house is dissected by the Tiger Zinda Hai actor in a hilarious manner. Also, we get to see many surprises and evictions in these two days. The latest weekend ka var is all about Christmas and guess who is the santa of these housemates? It is none other than singer Mika Singh! Check out what all happened in this funfilled episode right here!

9.50pm to 10pm- Salman Khan reveals the things said by her friends in the house. She gets pissed off with Priyank Sharma for his statements. Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma have a fight in the Sultani akhada. Priyank wins the round against Luv Tyagi. Salman Khan appreciates his Akash Dadlani’s game.

9.30pm to 9.45pm: Keeping with the tradition of Vaar, Salman then reads out some ‘Vaar’ statements to the contestants and asks them to guess who from the remaining lot said it; but adding a Christmas twist this season Salman surprises the contestants by spraying snow on the fellow contestant. Some truly shocking revelations are made as Hina realizes the kind of things her friends are talking about.

 9.15pm to 9.30pm- Singer and music sensation Mika Singh, dressed as Santa Claus, enters the house with a treat for all. Whether the contestants were naughty or nice this season, Santa Mika Singh has brought gifts for everyone. He hands over a large box of almonds to HinaKhan and quips that she needs to sharpen her wits! Given Akash’s infamous behavior, he is handed over a pacifier while Shilpa is given a pair of ear plugs to save her from Akash’s constant raps. Adding to the merriment, Mika then sings a few songs and asks contestants to dedicate it to each other; and Puneesh jumps on the opportunity and says ‘Laila Teri Le Legi’ is the perfect rendition for Shilpa!

9pm to 9.15pm- Hina Khan says that she is done with Priyank Sharma. She discusses about it with Luv Tyagi. Meanwhile, Priyank and Vikas Gupta discuss about Hina Khan. Salman Khan asks the housemates to decorate the house for Christmas. He gives them a task to fill the balloons by sitting on the pump. Luv Tyagi wins the task. Singer and music sensation Mika Singh, enters the stage with a treat for all. He performs on his songs like Jumme Ki Raat and Salman Khan joined him.

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