While yesterday was a day of drama and test on friendship, today’s episode is no less entertaining. Bigg Boss announces that two worst performers and one more inmate selected by captain Luv Tyagi will be sent to the ‘kaalkothari'(jail).

With an unanimous decision, the inmates select Vikas Gupta and Mehjabee Siddiqui as the worst performers, and captain Luv Tyagi using his special power nominates Arshi Khan for the ‘kaalakothari ki sazaa’.

keeps troubling Vikas Gupta and he finally breaks down, requesting Bigg Boss to allow him to quit the show. Bigg Boss warns Vikas not to behave inappropriately and also asks Shilpa to not make any personal attacks and break the rules of the house.

Today’s episode will show how Shilpa continues to trouble him in the kaalkothari, poking him with broom, cans etc. Eventually, Vikas loses his calm and once again gets out of the jail. He finally finds a way to escape from the house climbing the roof.

Will Vikas be successful in escaping the house tonight?

In case you missed what happened previously, take a look here:

11:18pm: Water please!
The inmates have to move sideways constantly till the task ends. As the signal goes, they have to stop and drink one full glass of water when the buzzer sounds.

11:12pm: Benafsha, Puneesh and Hiten to compete for captaincy race
After discussing, inmates take Hiten, Puneesh and Benafsha’s name for the captaincy race. Bigg Boss congratulates the three and announces that the three will be competing against each other for the title.

11:11 pm: Contestants discuss about the captaincy race 
People started discussing about who should be the contenders for the captaincy. People are talking about it and Hiten, Puneesh and Akash’s name crop up. Shilpa supports Akash and wants him to participate. Hina thinks that Hiten is perfect for captaincy.

11:08 pm: Luv’s captaincy is over
Bigg Boss announces that Luv’s captaincy is over and time for choosing new captain. Bigg Boss says that he is taking Vikas out of captaincy race for his behavior. Benafsha is also become a contender of the captaincy race for winning the luxury budget race.

11:02 pm: Arshi Khan, Mehjabee Khan and Vikas Gupta come out of jail
Bigg Boss announces that Arshi Khan, Mehjabee Siddiqui and Vikas Gupta’s kal-kothari ki sazza is over. The contestants jump in happiness and come back into the house.

10:54 pm: Shilpa continues to disturb Vikas
Shilpa once again sits outside the jail and disturbs him. She asks him if he wants to eat apple pie and mocks about the way he tried to escape the house. She says if he is not ashamed of pulling the same stunt of running away from the house and comes back again. Arshi joins in and sing Bigg Boss theme song with Arshi. Shilpa keeps mocking him that he is so unwell in this age, what will happen to him when he turns 40?

10:53 pm: Akash finds his shield in Vikas’ bag, hides in Puneesh’s bag
Akash and Puneesh once again sneak in to find Akash’s shield. They teamed up and find it in Vikas’ bag and hides it in Puneesh’s bag. Puneesh asks Akash to not tell anyone about it.

10:51 pm: Shilpa questions Luv’s captaincy
Shilpa questions about Luv captaincy. She says that she feel ashamed of staying with them. Shilpa asks Luv to question Vikas about the shield as the captain. He says he can’t till Bigg Boss asks him to. However, Shiilpa says Bigg Boss doesn’t take call in such small house affairs but its the responsibility of the captain.

10:48 pm: Puneesh and Akash sneak in the luggage room
Puneesh and Akash believes that Vikas has hidden Akash’s ‘rakshak kavaj’ aka shield and then goes to the room where all the luggages are kept. They searches for it and was discussing if Bigg Boss will be angry on them.

10:45 pm: Morning calls for the inmates
Bigg Boss wakes the teammates with the fresh song ‘woh sikandar’ and the team mates started dancing in the garden. Hiten tejwani, Puneesh Sharma, Hina Khan discuss about how he has tried last night to escape from the house.

10:42 pm: Vikas Gupta tries to escape from the house
Vikas complains that he wants to leave the house as Shilpa has been disturbing him unnecessarily. He once again comes out of the jail and urges the captain to open the confession room. Vikas stays awake whole night and then tries to escape from the house. After staying awake whole night, Vikas gets back to the jail and tries to sleep.

10:38 pm: Vikas Gupta asks Luv Tyagi to open the jail door as he go to the washroom. Luv says that he won’t be able to do and he has doesn’t been given orders from Bigg Boss. Shilpa mocks Vikas about his toilet situation. Luv comes and opens the door. After coming out of the door, he talks to Bigg Boss and says that he can’t continue staying here and wants to quit.

10:35 pm: No sleep for Vikas
Shilpa continues to disturb Vikas and doesn’t let him sleep. Shilpa keeps talking and is disturbing Vikas and framing lullabies. She calls herself a churail and she can be anywhere. Vikas says that why she is after his life? Shilpa throws Mehjabee’s bottle and pocks him with a rod to disturb him.

As we are waiting for the show to start, let’s take a look at what is going to happen tonight:

10:25 pm: Meanwhile, Puneesh Sharma and Arshi Khan discuss that Akash Dadlani is being constantly being used in the house. Puneesh says that it is him and Arshi who genuinely cares for Akash but he doesn’t understand that and being fooled by others.

10:15 pm: The contestants are given cycles that also moves sideways. The task is to they have to keep on riding it till the task ends. A signal will allow them to rest, however the contestants cannot move from the position. Instead, while at rest; they will have to drink water.

9:50 pm: After much discussion, Hiten Tejwani, Benafsha Soonawalla and Puneesh Sharma are elected for the captaincy task. However, nothing comes easy as the contestants have to win a very difficult task to become the captain of the house. Only time will say as who finally wins the game.

9:35 pm: Housemates discuss the two names who will be contesting for captaincy along with Benafsha. While Shilpa Shilpa wants Akash Dadlani to be one of the elected housemates for the captaincy task, others believe Hiten Tejwani deserves to be the captain this time.

9:20 pm: Bigg Boss says that housemates need to elect two members for the captaincy task. Benafsha Soonawalla automatically becomes one of the contestants for the captaincy task by winning the luxury task budget.

9:00 pm: The hungama is not yet over and Shilpa Shinde continues to trouble Vikas Gupta. Unable to bear it any more, Vikas once again comes out of the jail and says that he wants to leave the show. While contestants try to cool him down, Vikas pays no attention and makes his way to leave the house. Will he actually quit the show?

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