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Bigg Boss 11: List of Commoners Entering in the House

The season of Bigg Boss 11 is Starting from October 1st 2017 and followers are gone crazy already. The list of commoner’s participants is out publicly and the first four participators from the list were revealing on a video set up by the home channel. Now, the audience is crazy to

Celebrities Who Refused To Being A Part Of Bigg Boss 11

sanaya irani

Bigg Boss 11 is near to start and the adverts of the show have betimes set in action with plenty of enthusiasm amid fans. With the huge success of Bigg Boss season 10 that had common people in it, this season also will have the commoners participating with some trendy

Revealed List of Bigg Boss 11 Contestants!

Bigg Boss 11 contestants list

Bigg Boss 11 Contestants, List of Biss Boss 11 Contestants, Contestants List of Bigg Boss 11 Bigg Boss is a very popular Indian reality show and every year people wait for this with their bated breaths. One of the main reasons behind the enormous popularity of this show is Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 11 Starting Date | First Episode


Know about Bigg Boss 11 Air Date, Bigg Boss 11 News, Bigg Boss 11 Broadcast Date, Bigg Boss 11 Date, Bigg Boss 11 Colors, Bigg Boss 11 Details In the last season of BIGG BOSS, it was the very 1st time that the commoners were also endorsed to contribute in the